11 December 2007

Radio review

Radio review
"Terry Wogan (Radio 2) was in jubilant mood yesterday following the success of Children in Need. He remained jolly even when his studio stopped working just before his show began. "They're having a bit of a tussle in the next-door studio," reported Sarah Kennedy.

Wogan's studio was beyond fixing ("The rubber band's broken," he quipped), so it was decided he should broadcast from Kennedy's. This led her into an extended flummox - "I'd better clear up quickly," she cried, "while Rod's on" - and brought a glorious image of Kennedy clearing her desk of, one imagines, knick-knacks and half-eaten pastries, to the stirring sound of Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

The handover wasn't the slickest, with Kennedy still collecting her things as Wogan tried to start his show. "She carries a lot of equipment," he observed. Once he had the studio to himself, Wogan further described the shambles. "Sarah Kennedy's equipment is covered in mittens," he noted. The news headlines jingle crashed into the middle of 1973 by James Blunt, and rather improved it. Then it was back to happy tales of fund-raising antics. "6Music listeners knitted that Pudsey," said Wogan, referring to a giant, lonely bear left in the abandoned studio."

Titters and witters with Sarah

Titters and witters with Sarah
"Sarah Kennedy is an anomaly on grown-up BBC Radio: a female presenter d'un certain age who is neither an ex-performer nor born of News. Instead she brings with her the whiff of the home-mixed cocktail and the rustle of the Daily Mail - never happier than when giggling at modern life.

Her programme runs for just 90 minutes, from 6am to 7.30am; a job share with Wogan (7.30-9.30am), who is far too established to present a full, three-hour breakfast show. Though their styles are similar, Sarah can't help putting her foot in it. Her most recent gaffe was to report that she couldn't see a black man in the dark until he smiled. She apologised, but you fear that she doesn't know quite why.

On Tuesday she carefully read out a letter from a 53-year-old listener who'd taken her life in her hands and travelled on the tube. 'There was a group of Asian... erm... people,' said Kennedy, clearly worried that she might be using the wrong term. And, blimey, one of these 'people' offered the listener his seat! 'Their behaviour was exemplary!' read out Sarah. Hallelujah! Play them a record! And then wonder why anyone needed to know that they were Asian!

If you start your day with Sarah, your life takes on a butterfly quality. One minute she's treating you to her 'mazin' observations - 'I saw my first kingfisher up at Ludlow. They're tiny!' 'Why can't Ruth Kelly have a law that bicycles must have a light on them?' 'Everybody I know has got colds' - and the next she's wondering who the next record is by. 'Who have we got here? Terence Trent D'Arby? Ah.' Plus, she insists on reading things out - an Oscar Wilde poem (Tuesday), a letter about chicken feed (Wednesday), an entire news piece on shoes that cure sweaty feet (Thursday). If you heard this stuff on local radio, you'd feel short-changed. A small titter, a lengthy witter, that's Sarah's formula. It can't last."

Radio presenter special guest at Manderston charity fundraiser

Berkshire News: Radio presenter special guest at Manderston charity fundraiser
"BBC Radio 2 presenter Sarah Kennedy was the special guest at an Auction of Promises held at Manderston on Saturday evening by kind invitation of Lord and Lady Palmer.

SK on the stairs

The event was held to raise funds for CLIC Sargent Scotland (Cancer and Leukaemia in Children) and Christ Church, Duns, to help provide a disabled access to the church premises. The proceeds will be shared equally.

Promises for auction were varied and numerous, ranging from a piece of ham to a week in a holiday cottage in Italy and from dinner for two to a day at the races. There was also a silent auction and a raffle.

Mr Hugh Veitch conducted the auction in his own inimitable style. Sarah Kennedy also helped auction some of the items and kept the crowd well entertained.

Those present were welcomed by Kenn Webb, priest at Chirst Church, and he firstly introduced Hamish Aldridge, community fund-raising manager for CLIC Sargent who spoke about the work of the charity.

He then introduced Elaine Whellans from Duns whose son Aarron suffers from leukaemia.
Elaine gave a first hand account of just what it is like to have a child suffering from leukaemia and the help they receive from CLIC Sargent.

Finally Sarah Kennedy gave an amusing talk and invited everyone to put their hands in the pockets for the two worthwhile causes."

SK in the news again!

Independent: The gap in radio markets: Smashing the mould
"Recent high-profile episodes of racist overtures from Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time producer Trevor Taylor and Radio 2's Sarah Kennedy have exacerbated relations. Taylor presided over a three-minute discussion about the flower Rhodochiton volubilis being known as "black man's willy", while Kennedy received flak for implying that black people should keep their mouths open in the dark so that motorists can see them at night. Ofcom, the media watchdog, is now "considering" both incidents following a number of complaints."

18 November 2007

Sarah Kennedy raises millions for Children in Need 2007


Sharrow Bay with Sarah Kennedy raised £32,000

You and your partner will stay for two nights in the top suite at the famous Sharrow Bay hotel on the shore of Lake Ullswater in the Lake District.

You will be chauffeur driven to the hotel from home and on arrival will be met by our very own Sarah Kennedy.

Once you’ve unpacked you’ll be given exclusive use of an Ullswater steamer, manned by a captain and crew. While the steamer navigates the lake, you can sit back and relax, sampling excellent wines, in the company of the hotels’ award winning wine director.

In the evening you'll enjoy a six-course dining experience in the hotels’ Michelin star restaurant, overlooking one of the finest views in the country.

Next morning, after a hearty breakfast, you’ll get back onto the water as you are given one to one expert sailing tuition by former premiership footballer, Craig Short (former Everton and Sheffield Utd defender).

Then, for the first time in the hotels history, the inventors of sticky toffee pudding - will teach you their recipe, which has remained a secret since the 1970’s.

After an action packed day you will enjoy a second 6-course Michelin Star dinner before you retire to the comfort of your suite.

Plus, you’ll be given the keys to a brand new Audi R8. You need to be 25 or over, hold a valid drivers license, and have had no drink-driving convictions, to enjoy the use of this car.

With grateful thanks to Sam Hall and staff at the von Essen Hotels Sharrow Bay and Hadwins Audi of Lindale.

18 October 2007

13 October 2007

... more from The SK Dictionary

Chesticles: breasts

The Eaglingtons: The Eagles

The Kinkingtons: The Kinks

Sainsbug's: Sainsbury's

Supermercado: supermarket

SWs: Steve Wrights, as in "SWs to you" from listeners who write in. "SWs" is shorthand for "Love the show" (as in the oft-quoted phrase by Steve Wright on his programmes, hence the use of his initials).

Chesticles Tee

3 October 2007

Aled Jones U-Turn

He has definitely improved. He's not too bad, actually.

27 September 2007

More on SK's fun and unique language

BeddingplopsFrom The Sarah Kennedy Dictionary...

Natasha Beddingplops
- noun
Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is an English singer and songwriter

24 September 2007

Holiday and poll results

SK is on holiday for the next two weeks. Unfortunately, Aled Jones is standing in for her again, despite previous failings.

Here are the results for the poll: How much do you love SK?
110% - 239 votes
100% - 85 votes
90% - 32 votes
Less than that - 1 vote

10 September 2007

SK back on air

Following pneumonia, Sarah K has made a full recovery and is back on Radio 2, where she belongs.


23 August 2007


Sarah, doing what she does best
Aled Jones will be off air soon (he's "filling in" for Wogan next week, or Bruce, one of the two) and SK will return. Sarah Kennedy is recovering from pneumonia and hopes to be back on the Dawn Patrol soon. She wants to thank everyone who has contacted the show to wish her well.

Meanwhile, here is a lovely new website all about Sarah:


26 July 2007

Exciting news

SK could be bringing out her own CD. "It's Showtime!" will be a double CD of Sarah's most enjoyable songs from the musicals. BBC staff have realised how much money Stephen Wright milks with his "Lovesongs" dirge, and realise there's a market.

15 June 2007


... SK will be fighting fit and ready for an exciting new week of broadcasting, next week.

Get well soon, Sarah!

14 June 2007

SK in The Telegraph

From Mandrake, in The Telegraph:

June's face values

(Terry and) June"June Whitfield, the actress, is 81 years old. Sarah Kennedy, the radio and television personality, is 56.

"Look at her skin compared to mine - there's not a line on it," Sarah told me at the Goring Hotel's summer party, in London, last week.

June says she has no beauty secrets, but has always made it a rule not to sit in the sun. "I wished I had done that, too," said Sarah, glumly."

Click here: Mandrake

Sarah Kennedy has not written a book about swimsuits...

... Sarah Kennedy has written it instead (see post below).

10 May 2007

Lesson learned from today's show

  • Sarah can no longer drink white wine. It doesn't agree with her.
  • Sarah's kitchen is infested with ANTS.

  • 7 May 2007

    SK in The Sun

    "... Radio 2 presenter Sarah Kennedy — who coined the term in 1997 — said yesterday: 'I’m still not convinced that White Van Man is a force for good'..."

    Click! The Sun: Van man says he's all white

    17 April 2007

    Lesson learned from today's show

    Branson making sure the locks on the toilet doors are working
  • SK once got disturbed on a Virgin train - whilst on the toilet.
  • 16 April 2007

    Lessons learned from today's show

  • The lyrics from Mika's "Love Today" song:
    Doom da da di da di Doom da da di da di

    Everybody's gonna love today,
    Gonna love today, gonna love today.
    Everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today.
    anyway you want to, anyway you've got to,
    Love love me, love love me, love love.

    I've been crying for so long,
    Fighting tears just to carry on,
    But now, but now, it's gone away.

    Hey girl why can't you carry on, (carry on)
    Is it 'cause you're just like your mother,
    A little tight, like to tease for fun, (tease for fun)
    Well you ain't gonna tease no other,
    Gonna make you a lover.

    Everybody's gonna love today,
    love today, love today.
    Everybody's gonna love today,
    Anyway you want to, anyway you've got to,
    Love love me, love love me, love love.
    Girl in the blue with the big busts on
    Big busts on, big busts on.
    Wait till your mother and your papa's gone,
    Papa's gone
    Momma, momma papa, shock shock me,
    Shock shock me, shock shock.

    Everybody's gonna love today,
    Gonna love today, gonna love today
    I said,
    Everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today,
    Anyway you want to, anyway you've got to,
    Love love me, love love me, love love.
  • 1 April 2007

    BBC hates Moira Stewart, but loves SK

    Moira - has looked the same for the last 20 years
    "... we love our ladies of a certain age. Just look at, for instance, Jenni Murray, Sarah Kennedy or Martha Kearney. But, as Allison Pearson sharply pointed out yesterday in the Daily Mail, they are on radio, not television."

    Click! Save Moira for Britain: The BBC shows it hates any woman over 50 reading the TV news

    27 March 2007

    Lessons learned so far this week

  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) had a session in a plane simulator. It was SK's Christmas present to him.
  • Sarah has a Philippine maid. Click! Maids: Cheap and Priceless

    Maids r us
  • 20 March 2007

    Oh dear. Wogan's at it again!

    ScreechWogan announces the wrong winners of the Eurovision choice for England, despite being told on his earpiece the right winners (Screech).

    Click! Wogan denies responsibility for slip-up

    601st post about Sarah Kennedy!

    Please feel free to peruse the other 600.

    13 March 2007

    Everyone's going to Whitby

    SK's weekend holiday in a caravan in Whitby has led to a huge increase in tourists visiting the Yorkshire town, tracing Sarah's steps.

    22 February 2007

    SK fights dirty old trains in Cheshire

    From icCheshireOnline...

    "CHESTER railway station's toilets have been panned - on national radio.

    Radio 2 presenter Sarah Kennedy attacked the condition of the loos on her weekday morning slot last week.

    Mess, probably left by the likes of Bowles or WoganThe DJ had been travelling to Llangollen and called them 'filthy'.

    The redevelopment of the station will cost about £6.8m. Arriva Trains Wales' part of the scheme, including shops and a cafe, begins in May.

    But other users shared Sarah Kennedy's concerns and felt that until the improvements began, the state the toilets are kept in was not helping Chester's image.

    ... Arriva's station manager in Chester, Karen Kinder said: 'We are sorry Sarah Kennedy's experience of the toilets at Chester station was not of the standard we would expect to offer.

    'Our toilets, along with the rest of Chester station, are cleaned regularly and indeed were steam cleaned thoroughly only last weekend. But we do recognise that they are in need of some upg rading.'

    She added: 'Sarah Kennedy will be certainly be on top of the Arriva Trains Wales invitation list to come and see the improvements when they have been completed."

    Click! BBC Radio 2 DJ gives station loos bum rap

    20 February 2007


    Sarah's recovered from her tenderness.
    SK in training

    19 February 2007

    Get well soon SK!

    Richard Allinson tried to stand in today. At least the BBC didn't invite Aled Jones back.

    SK's ill

    15 February 2007

    SK's horse tip of the week!

    Straight from the horse's mouth:
    11.50 Portman Park - Soldier Rabbit - 33/1

    8 February 2007

    SK saves the day

    SouffleBumbling Terry Wogan, 75, right, was late for his own radio show this morning. Sarah Kennedy, 50, manfully stood in, despite having a souffle, below, in the oven.

    Everyone else who was meant to be in, was in, from Fran Godfrey to the cleaner woman. Even traffic wench Lynne Bowles made it.


    4 February 2007

    29 January 2007

    Cat Stevens and fizzy brain

    Lessons learned from recent shows:
  • Cat Stevens would shake SK's hand because he's religious.
  • SK has "fizzy brain syndrome" in which she has lots of amazing thoughts and ideas.
  • 15 January 2007

    SK returns from the Panama Canal!

    She's back at last, where she belongs on international Radio 2, and she's forgotten how to drive the oven and work the car!

    That silly choir boy has been banished.

    1 January 2007

    Help SK stamp out albatrosses

    The RSPB have employed Sarah Kennedy (SK) to help them Stamp out Albatross slaughter this Christmas.

    "Sarah Kennedy, Radio 2 presenter, has been a key supporter of the campaign to protect albatrosses. She said: “Not many people will be fortunate enough to see an albatross, but everyone can take a role in trying to help them.

    “I’m delighted to tell people that I’m supporting the RSPB in its bid to save these fantastic birds. If everyone could be encouraged to send in their stamps to the appeal rather than putting them in the bin, these birds would have a brighter future.

    Dead albatross

    “The RSPB will sell the stamps to dealers and an auction house to raise much-needed funds for the Save the Albatross Campaign. For example, £50 will buy a tori line for a longline fishing vessel.”"

    From here: Stamp out Albatross slaughter this Christmas