30 June 2004

Credit cards and Aminals

Sarah has one cardLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah has one credit card.
  • SK's special vocabulary for The Animals is The Aminals.
  • 29 June 2004

    Hiccups, red noses, Engerland flags and lawns

    Lessons learned from today’s show
    Lawnmower -- Adrian's favourite tool
  • Sarah hates hiccups.
  • Sarah hates people who leave red noses on their cars after Red Nose Day, as well as people who leave Engerland flags on their cars.
  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) loves lawns.
  • 28 June 2004

    HRT and public interest in Sarah

    Greenfly -- sleep in Sarah's bedroomLessons learned from today's show
  • Despite the news stories, Sarah is still taking HRT.
  • SK had a good fete at Great Stoughton. There are three topics of converstion that people ask her about:
    - her greenfly
    - her cats
    - her Yorkshire Puddings
  • 25 June 2004

    Engerland, premonitions and fete openings

    Lessons learned from today's show
    Beckham -- missed another penalty and blamed the pitch
  • Sarah didn't watch last night's England game, but did correctly predict the final result. She gets these premonitions from her grandmother.
  • Furthermore, SK didn't get any sleep last night because she lives in the 'Little Portugal' area of London, known as Stockwell.
  • Ms Kennedy will be opening a fete in Great Stoughton this weekend.
  • Sarah's producer, Mark, is getting married to Camilla.
  • 24 June 2004


    Hamburger -- Sarah's only munched on ONE in her whole lifeLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah has eaten just one fast food burger in her entire life.
  • 23 June 2004

    Waking up and weasels/ferrets

    Lessons learned from today's show
  • A weasel/ferret once entered Sarah's bedroom.
  • SK awoke at 1.30 am this morning.
    A weasel
  • 22 June 2004

    England game

    Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah did not watch last night's England game.
  • 21 June 2004

    Night Nurse, Ascot, The Great Escape and the bird book

    Night Nurse -- does the trickLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah took too much Night Nurse last night and felt sleepy during today's show.
  • Ms K went to Ascot (courtesy of Weatherby's Horse Racing) and saw the Queen.
  • SK has never seen The Great Escape.
  • Someone has nicked Sarah's bird book from the studio.
  • 17 June 2004

    Ready-meals and hostas

    Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah ate a truly terrible ready-meal last night, but she 'can't be fagged to take it back to Sainsbugs (aka Sainsbury's)'.
  • Fran Godfrey called SK last night from Birmingham. She had been to a flower show where they have named a hosta after the Radio 2 newsreader. The Fran Godfrey hosta is large and bushy. In contrast, the Sarah Kennedy hosta is delicate.
  • Gardeners can also buy the Sarah Kennedy sweet pea and rose collection.
  • 16 June 2004

    Greenfly and Steve Lamacq

    Lamacq -- who is he?Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah has an infestation of greenfly in her garden.
  • SK would like to sound like Steve Lamacq.

  • 15 June 2004

    Sainsbugs and knowing people

    Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah often shops in Biggleswade Sainbugs (aka Sainsbury's). We know this because she cut someone up in the car park there. The other driver called in and snitched to Lynne Bowles.
  • You can live with someone forever, but you will truly never know them -- they will always hold something back, is SK's profound thought for the day.

  • 14 June 2004

    Broken studio and Roxy Music

    The Roxy -- anything but poxyLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah's studio broke down this morning. The new studio was also rubbish -- it was hard to play music and jingles.
  • SK's special word for Roxy Music is 'the Roxingtons'.
  • 11 June 2004

    No Sarah today!
    Uncle Alex Fester stood in instead :(

    Wogan and his croniesLessons learned from yesterday's show
  • SK 'falls to pieces' whenever Wogan enters the studio.
  • Maurice Chevalier's 'I Remember It Well' always brings tears to Sarah's eyes.
  • Ms K was awoken by extremely loud foxes the other night.
  • 9 June 2004

    SK -- bored of the BeckhamsLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah is going off The Beckhams.
  • The next destination for the Kennedys will be... Japan.
  • Out of all her three sisters, SK is the most allergic-prone. She is allergic to lime and elm tress, and... cats (of which she has five)!

  • 7 June 2004

    My lovely son
    Many of you have asked how little Robin is doing. Well, he is now 6 months old and here is a picture of him...
    Robin Rich
    The Manfreds -- loved to doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy do all over the placeLessons learned from today's show
  • SK and Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) went to see Manfred Mann in concert. Sarah couldn't stop laughing when Adrian asked when the man with big teeth was going to appear. It turns out that silly old Dearly Beloved thought he was watching Herman's Hermits!
  • Sarah's cat (Burman) managed to get stuck in a neighbour's house for a whole week. The neighbour had decided to go to Turkey.