25 September 2006

FAQ 1: What does "SWs" mean?

SW"SWs"* means "Steve Wrights", which refers to all the "Love the show!", "Keep up the good work!" and "You've got the best moustache on radio" comments that SW never ever stops reading out on his stupid programme.

* Not to be confused with "SK".

13 September 2006

Did you know?

  • SK started at Radio 2 way back in 1976!
  • Sarah began presenting her Early Show in 1993 (5-7am)!
  • In 1994, she convinced the top brass of getting a later show, but less hours (6-7.30am)!
  • Ms Kennedy publishes the brilliant 'Terrible Twos' book, with nearly all the proceeds going to Children In Need!
  • In 1996 SK got world recognition with the Sony Gold Radio Award!
  • She was finally awarded her long-overdue MBE!
    SK's tat