29 November 2005

Chipmunk, toilets and Toots

Chipmunk - cute
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE loves her new studio, but still doesn't know where the toilets are.
  • SK hasn't seen the photos yet from her windtunnel/skydiving experience, but she's been told she looked like a chipmunk.
  • Sarah would like to be known as "DJ Toots Bagshaw" from now on, her new moniker.

    Here is a webcam photo of Sarah's specially-designed new studio:

    (Apologies to those who were offended by the large breasts contained in yesterday's short film, as produced by a Dawn Patroller, and accessible below.)
  • 28 November 2005

    Studio, holidays and diving in the sky

  • Everything Sarah Kennedy MBE learnt last week in her new studio...

    ... has now been forgotten.
  • SK would like to campaign for St George's Day to be a national holiday.
  • Sarah had a go at skydiving last weekend (in a windtunnel type thing).

    Ross the skydiver
  • SK in movie action

    A kindly listener has sent me a movie clip of SK's life story. He is creating a moving pictures version of her wonderful life:

    Sarah Kennedy auto-biographical film.

    24 November 2005

    Studio 6A

  • Sarah kennedy MBE has now moved into the new studios. They...
    ... are a lot warmer (so no need for the SK portable radiator)
    ... have no piano
    ... are IKEA-ish
    ... are quite large
    ... have a grey carpet
    ... and pale green walls
    (The old studio is below)
    SK would like to know if the sound sounds better in the new studio.

  • SK used to listen to the Ivy League as a spritely youngster, playing table tennis. She had a very good backhand.
  • Sarah failed her driving test three times.
  • Ms K would like to know why she doesn't have a side-kick. Most of the other R2 ppl have one.

    SK in webcam action
  • 21 November 2005

    Children in Need

    Friday's show was lovely. The great actor Guy Henry ("It's Showtime!") helped Ms K do the show and it was a joy to listen to the two friends.

    16 November 2005

  • SK MBE went to a zoo yesterday.
  • Sarah has noticed more men are plucking their eyebrows - this excludes Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian).
  • Ms K was shocked this morning, to see a cyclist at 4am with light on his bike.
  • 15 November 2005


  • Sarah Kennedy MBE has never knowingly paid more than £20 for a bottle of wine (although she may have been stung when on holidays).
  • A WEEKEND WITH SARAH KENNEDY (see below) was sold for £15,000!

    Wine - good for you
  • 14 November 2005

    SK's back!

    After a two-week sojourn - which she says feels more like six weeks! - Sarah is back where she belongs on the British airwaves.

  • One of Much Dearly Beloved's (aka Adrian's) best features is his nose. In fact, he has a fantastic nose, much like the Duke of Wellington's. However, Sarah would like to know why it never gets sun burnt. In comparison, her small nose is currently red, like a Gerry Cottle clown's hooter.
  • SK watched the Children in Need programme last night with Terry Wogan and Natasha Kaplinsky and has come to the conculsion that Ruby Wax is v. annoying.
  • A horse called Artie Shiller came up trumps for SK at the New York races. The next day, the hotel room had a delightful smell of hot dogs and onions.

    Hot doggie
  • Win a weekend with SK!

    From the BBC Children in Need website:

    "Sarah Kennedy fans get your cheque book ready - this is your chance to spend a weekend in London, with Sarah and Adrian as your hosts.

    You and your partner will check in at the world-famous Goring Hotel on Friday, 6th of January, or Friday the 13th of January, next year. You'll spend two nights in a top suite at the late Queen Mother's favourite hotel with its award-winning restaurant.

    You'll have time to enjoy the chocolates, flowers and personalised bottles of champagne you'll find in your room, courtesy of Weatherby's. Sarah and Adrian will meet you for drinks and whisk you off for dinner, at Shepherd's restaurant just round the corner, or the equally famous Langham Restaurant in London's Piccadilly - the choice is yours!

    The next day, after a slap-up full English, you'll visit the Radio 2 studios here and record your very own "It's Showtime" jingle to be played out the following week on Radio 2. After lunch you'll go to the Apollo theatre to see a matinee performance of the critically acclaimed Mary Stewart. Then you'll go backstage to meet the main actors: Harriet Walter and Janet McTeer. You'll spend Saturday evening on the town with Sarah and Adrian, enjoying drinks and dinner.

    The next day you'll enjoy the famous Sunday lunch at the Goring Hotel, courtesy of chef Derek Quelch. If you're having trouble deciding what to choose from the menu, perhaps your guests can help you make up your mind - joining you for lunch will be Fran Godfrey, Alan Dedicoat, Lynn Bowles and John Marsh and his wife Janet.

    After all this, it's time to go home and wait for Monday to hear yourself on Radio 2!

    With grateful thanks to the Goring Hotel, the Apollo Theatre and everyone else involved in donating this lot to Children in Need."

    Click this: BBC website

    7 November 2005