29 January 2004

Sarah's diseased throatSarah's sore throat
Sarah's sore throat (also known as pharyngitis or tonsillitis) is a disease primarily located in the area around her tonsils. It can be caused by both a virus and a bacteria. Her sore throat is partly a disease in itself and partly an effect of other diseases such as flu and glandular fever.

Her disease is normally seen in children and young people but it can occur at any age. The characteristics of her disease are throat pain and trouble with her swallowing. If her disease is due to bacteria she can be treated with antibiotics. Usually there are no complications.

How did she contract the sore throat?
By being infected by a virus or bacteria.

Infection by a virus may come from the same virus that causes colds and from an Epstein-Barr virus - the latter causes glandular fever. Sarah's infection originates from airborne droplets and hands that carry the infection from person to person (probably Ken Bruce/Lynne Bowels - the two she shares the studio with).

Among the bacteria that cause sore throats, the streptococcus group A is the most common. Sarah's incubation period between picking up the infection until the disease breaks out, should be two to four days or sometimes less.

Sarah's nodesWhat are the signs of her sore throat?
Pain in her throat and difficulty in her swallowing.

Pain may spread to both her ears.

Her throat is reddish, her tonsils are swollen and may be coated.

She may possibly gain a high temperature.

Swollen lymph nodes under her jaw and in her neck may occur.

If her sore throat is due to a viral infection the symptoms are usually milder. Usually they are connected to the common cold.

If her sore throat is due to the Coxsackie virus, small blisters may alarmingly develop on her tonsils and in her soft palate. Her likely blisters should erupt in a few days and will be followed by a scab which may be very painful for her.

If her sore throat is due to a streptococcal infection, her tonsils may swell and become coated with mucus and her throat will be very sore. She may run a temperature, havesour breath and may feel quite ill.

Good advice
If signs of her sore throat persist for more than a few days or are severe with marked difficulty in swallowing, high fever or vomiting, then her GP should be consulted (ADRIAN!).

Warm drinks and soft food may ease her swallowing problems.

She must drink.

23 January 2004

Lessons learned from today's show
  • Wogan was in at 7am today -- that's early for him.
  • SK is a committed veloist (aka cyclist). Anyway, apparently flashing red lights that some people use are illegal.
  • Sarah doesn't go the cinema as you can catch fleas from those types of places.

    WoganSarah keeps on converting the doubters
    From the Radio 2 message board...

    "I may not be SK's greatest fan, but I had to tip her the hat and say "thank you!" for a moment on this morning's show.
    Almost immediately before the six-twenty God-slot, she told a wicked joke about an argument between parts of the body as to which was most important and should be in charge. The rectum won....

    The punchline was "So you see why in any situation, there's always an ar$ehole in charge"

    This was done with a certain amount of relish, as if SK was really saying:

    "Follow THAT if you can, vicar!"

    I also wonder if (as she may be leaving the morning show?) it was also a dig at current BBC management, perchance?

    My opinion of SK has gone up a few notches, though! If she intends to go out with a bang and a clamour, I wonder what else may be said..."
    (by Pamela Addams)
  • 22 January 2004

    Queen Marry II - Sarah will be onboard ASAPLessons learned from today's show
  • The mole on the QMII provided Sarah with a timetable of a usual day onboard:
    8:00am - Tea
    9:30am - Full English breakfast
    11:00am - Coffee
    12:30pm - Cocktails and canapes
    1:00pm - Four-course dinner
    4:00pm - Afternoon tea
    6:30pm - Cocktails and canapes
    8:30pm - Six-course dinner
    11:00pm - Chocalates and brandy
    12:30am - Buffet
  • 21 January 2004

    Sarah's footLessons learned from today's show
  • In her salad days, Sarah used to play table tennis to The Beatles in her dining room. She had a very good backhand.
  • SK still doesn't understand Amy Winehouse's song Take The Box. She doesn't understand why she should take the box. It's not Christmas, after all.
  • Many Dawn Patrollers have written in sympathetically about Sarah's shocking revelation in yesterday's show: she has no fat foot padding (aka dropped metatarsals).
  • 20 January 2004

    Tom Jones - drones
    Krankies - always up to hanky pankyLessons learned from today's show
  • The mole says Tom Jones is embarking on the Queen Mary II ship.
  • SK woke up about four months ago as if someone had taken a blowtorch to both feet. She finally went to a foot expert yesterday to discover that she doesn't have enought fat on the soles of her feet. She now has to wear special insoles costing £680!

    Lessons learned from yesterday's show
  • The mole onboard the QMII ship says that The Krankies are coming to entertain them.

    Bassey - bossyLessons learned from Friday's show
  • Sarah has finally got rid of her piles.*
  • Rupert, SK's mole on the QMII ship has continued to report back with exciting nautical tales. Yesterday he witnessed Shirley Bassey having a fag.

    *piles of rubbish, that is
  • 15 January 2004

    Chalmers - no knickersLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah slept through both the stage and film versions of Chicago.
  • SK caught Judith Chalmers on the telly yesterday and she looked 'frightful'.
  • 14 January 2004

    Gummidge - looks like Sarah?Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah is having another one of those bad hair weeks. The static is causing her to look like Worzel Gummidge.
  • On seeing a photo of George Lazenby the other day, Sarah said you could hardly recognise him (he once played 007, Jamie Bond).
  • 13 January 2004

    Bowles - traffic-obsessedLesson learned from today's show
  • Spinster Lynn Bowles can sleep through anything, apparently.
  • 12 January 2004

    Dearly Beloved dearly attending his heapLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah surprised herself at the weekend by producing an excellent roast dinner.
  • However, SK wants to know why you smell of the dinner for days afterwards!?
  • Her Much Beloved (aka Adrian) can't get enough of composting.
  • Sarah's friend Steve stood in for Lynne Bowles today.
  • From the BBC Radio 2 'board

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Blue Danube Waltz 140th post - 4 Nov 2004 14:18
    Hi Debby, I remember a few weeks back that someone was posting on here as Sarah Kennedy but signing off with Scott Clout. The same thing happened briefly yesterday with someone posting as the host, Winston Smith, but siging off again as Scott. The only advice I can offer you is to just ignore whoever it is and hope they go away. Some consolation, I know! [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Blue Danube Waltz 138th post - 4 Nov 2004 14:21
    Sorry Debby, just to add to my previous message..
    Have you had any dealings with anyone called Mark Dellbridge in the past, it just seems strange that this name is used as opposed to that of a celebrity etc. [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Debby Rich 273rd post - 4 Nov 2004 16:30
    Mark Delbridge posted about ten really bad posts in a guestbook of mine about four months ago. He's now returned under the name of Clout... [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - v.dave 1074th post - 4 Nov 2004 16:35
    i think the Moderators certainly know who the troublemakers are and keep an eye on them. Like all naughty boys, if it's not illegal the police can't lock them up. ...Pity though! [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Scott Nelson 258th post - 4 Nov 2004 18:52
    Impersonating somebody is a crime, especially if it is being done for fraud or defination of character. Impersonation is a crime in it's own merits, even if it's for a 'laugh' or a 'joke'.

    So, our very own Winston was impersonated on here and the user has been signing off 'Scott' then? Just like a few weeks back when somebody was posting as Sarah Kennedy on here and signing off as me, Winston took it upon himself to point the finger at me, even after I protested my innocence and asked him to check the 'trolls' IP addresses against mine for clinical proof that I was not posting as an alias on here.

    Winston then realised that I was telling the truth and the 'troll' who posted as Sarah Kennedy then disappeared. Perhaps these trolls are out to try and get me banned? Perhaps they are out to get me sued? Or perhaps they are out just to cause unecessary unrest on here and get me the blame for it?

    Whoever they are, they need to grow up and stop this nonsense. Once I move away to Newcastle early next year and disappear from these forums for good following the bombshell I will drop, who will these trolls target next?

    Winston, please stamp this nonsense out once and for all!

    Scott. [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Scott Nelson 257th post - 4 Nov 2004 18:45
    Not me I'm afraid, Debby. I've never even been on your forum before, and that is the truth. People know that I dislike Sarah Kennedy, so they are just simply out to impersonate me on your forum and use me as a scapegoat. At times like this, I feel like a celebrity.
    Scott. [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Briant O'Connell 3703rd post - 4 Nov 2004 18:53
    Which celebrity do you feel like, Scott? [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Scott Nelson 259th post - 4 Nov 2004 18:55
    At the moment, Briant, I feel like Dermot O'Leary!


    Scott. [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Briant O'Connell 3704th post - 4 Nov 2004 19:06
    Scott, you are well known for your impersonation of Dermot! Well, his haircut anyway! I have you down for Kenneth Williams in the Radio 2 CB 'Carry on Panto' this Christmas! [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Scott Nelson 260th post - 4 Nov 2004 19:09
    LOL, I do have a Dermot hair cut but mine is a lot shorter!
    Kenneth Williams?! He was a comic genius and I would love to play his role, but somehow, I don't think my personality would fit his!

    I look forward to the camp one liners such as "Ooooooh, Matron" and "Frying tonight!"


    Scott. [Complain about this post]

    re: Scott Clout/Mark Delbridge? - Scott Nelson 256th post - 4 Nov 2004 18:43
    I have no idea who this Mark Delbridge is and to be perfectly honest, I don't really care. It's just sad when people like that have to resort to these measures of impersonating other posters.
    Winston is very aware of who these trolls are and he's on to them. These trolls might go home one day.

    Scott. [Complain about this post]

    9 January 2004

    Blair - v. yellowLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah will be 'glued to her seat' tonight watching Tony Blair on The Simpsons.
  • 7 January 2004

    Panto - complete with man of the clothLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah’s been sneezing so much that she’s ended up with sore ribs.
  • SK's funny term for 'typo errors' is 'tripe-o errors'!
  • Unfortunately, Marshypops (aka John Marsh) couldn't go to yesterday's R2 panto trip because his wife (Janet) decided to be ill. So in the end Miss Bowles, Much Beloved (aka Adrian) and Sarah's friend Fiona went and enjoyed Goldilocks and the Three Bears with R2's very own reverend, Canon Roger Doyle (aka Rodge).

  • 6 January 2004

    Day - looks like SKLessons learned from today's show
  • Wogan lusts after Doris Day.
  • Sarah is off to the theatre today in Swindon.
  • 5 January 2004

    The Lady's back! Lessons learned from today's show
    Nina – Sarah's creative relative
  • Apparently, Nina Bawden, the author of Carrie's War (on the telly over Christmas) is a relation of Sarah's.
  • Sarah fell over in the studio this morning -- it was too dark
  • SK's Xmas presents from Her Much Beloved (aka Adrian):
    -- beautiful silver starfish on a rope
    -- clock for the kitchen
    -- cashmere scarf
    -- picture frame
    -- and lots of other beautiful things
  • SK's present to Much Beloved:
    -- a pen
  • R2 doesn’t have any cleaners anymore -- the studio was such a mess this morning.