28 October 2003

Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah's funny word for "labrador" is "labradoodle"!

    Lessons learned from yesterday's show
  • Sarah went to Amsbury (where they do the armed forced radio) and was taken out for lunch. However, the car park they used had a load of bollards in -- to help keep off gypsies -- resulting in every car having to manoeuvre very carefully, for fear of scraping the bodywork.
  • SK said that most of the fireworks going off at this time of the year can be blamed on "duvali".
  • Sarah was rudely awoken from her slumber by a hoax caller wanting a minicab. "Bog off" she told them!
  • SK's off to her first ever film premier -- Seabiscuit.
  • 24 October 2003

    Joan Collins - we all know why she was invited onto Concorde's last flightLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah was somewhat miffed that she wasn't invited to be a guest passenger on Concorde's last flight.
  • As a left-hander, SK was quite good at cricket.
  • The BBC installed a radiator in the studio especially for Sarah. However, Lynn Bowles moaned about it because it stops the air conditioning from working when she appears with her best friend Ken Bruce later in the morning. As Sarah siad, why on earth Bruce wants air conditioning in this weather, we'll never know.
  • Sarah's funny little term for 'traffic jams' is 'traffic marmalades'.
  • 23 October 2003

    Fran Godfrey - always coldLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah and Fran Godfrey argued about the weather this morning. SK said it was much warmer, whereas wimpy Fran though it was freezing cold.
  • SK called Lynn Bowles a 'miserable old biddy' and 'old baggage' after she dared criticised a viewer's choice for 'It's Showtime'.
  • Darling - takes in women off the street for hot drinksLessons learned from yesterday's show
  • SK saw Alistair Darling put his arm around a girl and take her in for a cappucino.
  • Sarah is off to Ludlow this weekend.
  • Sarah's funny name for 'raspberries' is 'raspbugs' (similar to 'Sainsbug's' for 'Sainsbury's').
  • According to Sarah, most of the illnesses that go round Radio 2 are picked up from Steve Wright.
  • 21 October 2003

    Mr ChangLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah's comical name for 'Bob Marley and and the Wailers' is 'Boingdons and his Waders'!
  • Sarah is going to a lecture today by Timothy Clifford who rediscovered some lost old paintings by Michelangelo.
  • The other day Adrian (aka Dearly Beloved) asked absent-minded Sarah when her car is next due for a service. Imagine SK's surprise when she looked at her Bot's paperwork and noticed that the garage had given her the wrong MOT details! Staring her in the face was the MOT certificate of a Mr Chang's car! All these shenanigans led to Sarah signing off in a humorous Chinese language!
  • 16 October 2003

    Sarah's felling sickly again today , so Lynn Parsnips tried to take over again .

    Luckily, Sarah has Dearly Beloved to look after her...

    15 October 2003

    Lynn Parsons, the black sheep of the Radio 2 family (she still doesn't have a R2 website page), stood in - as best she could) - for Sarah this morning.

    14 October 2003

    Old boilerLessons learned from today's show
  • SK's mum's dog is called Riva.
  • Sarah was very flakey this morning, due to her boiler. This is why she couldn’t string two words together.
  • Kennedy doesn't fancy deep-sea diving. She prefers to dangle her toes on top.
  • 13 October 2003

    Lesley Kennedy - the new R2 controller (bound to keep Kennedy on the airwaves)Lessons learned from today's show
  • 'We've got a new controller,' said Sarah this morning. 'We'll all be on our way out'!
    (Others will go before Sarah ever leaves, that's for sure.)
  • As promised, Steve Traffic wore his blackcurrant shirt today.
  • SK's been fighting the R2 flu.
  • 10 October 2003

    The great JY - replied to people's comments, unlike his incumbent, JVLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah's going to South Africa in mid-November.
  • Jimmy Young wrote to Sarah the other day. Sir Jimmy has beautiful handwriting.
  • Steve Traffic will be wearing a purple shirt next week. He will look like a roman emperor quipped our Sarah!
  • 8 October 2003

    Scwarzenneegg...Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah was in a slight state of shock regarding the appointment of Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California.
  • SK can speak fluent Japanese!
  • Sarah's so-called study is basically a dump.
  • We couldn’t hear Sally Traffic’s bulletin today. According to SK, Wogan had sabotaged the sound system.
  • Normally, Sarah only sees Sally once a year at the R2 Christmas party.
  • 7 October 2003

    Bourbon - Sarah's catLessons learned from today's show
  • One of Sarah's cats is called Bourbon.
  • Everyone at Reuters listens to Sarah's Dawn Patrol!
  • Sarah confided in Steve Traffic that Lynn is always teasing her for not being a telly addict – just because Lynn's one.
  • Sarah's physiotherapist thinks that she may have trapped a nerve.
  • 6 October 2003

    Sarah Kennedy's vesticleLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah was wearing a vest today - for the first time in a while.
  • Sarah was going on about someone called David Ratchley today. He gives talks.
  • SK's friend Steve Cranford was doing the travel bulletins today in place of the rancorous Lynne Bowles. They had a lovely conversation about the beach at Steve's hometown of Worthing (a pebble beach, but good for paddling).

    See you tomorrow -- if we're spared!
  • 3 October 2003

    BottomLessons learned from today's excellent show
    Sarah was back on form this morning, with a full, fun-packed production...
  • Wogan was in 20 minutes early this morning. This worried Sarah.
  • SK loves A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare.
  • She went to a production of the hit show yesterday, but to her horror, whilst waiting for Adrian (aka 'Dearly Beloved') in the adjoining pub, the vicinity was crowded by school children.
  • Like her grandmother before her, Sarah has psychic powers.
  • Just before playing that dreadful new Elvis Presley song (Rubber-necking?), Sarah mentioned that Lynn Bowles has been 'slagging her off' in an unnamed Scottish newspaper. Apparently, the word 'mad' was used.
    (If there are any Scottish people out there, I would be very grateful if you could send me the snippet.)

    Hear Sarah on CD!
    Sarah talks all about sprouts in a special poem on a new CD, Guide cats for the Blind.
    To find out more, see the BBC news story or simply buy the CD. It's for a good cause.

    For reasons beyond my control, I will be removing the link to Nancy Bellis’ SK website next week.
  • 2 October 2003

    There were no lessons learned from yesterday's or today's shows, however, why not visit the Sarah Kennedy shopping experience!