15 June 2007


... SK will be fighting fit and ready for an exciting new week of broadcasting, next week.

Get well soon, Sarah!

14 June 2007

SK in The Telegraph

From Mandrake, in The Telegraph:

June's face values

(Terry and) June"June Whitfield, the actress, is 81 years old. Sarah Kennedy, the radio and television personality, is 56.

"Look at her skin compared to mine - there's not a line on it," Sarah told me at the Goring Hotel's summer party, in London, last week.

June says she has no beauty secrets, but has always made it a rule not to sit in the sun. "I wished I had done that, too," said Sarah, glumly."

Click here: Mandrake

Sarah Kennedy has not written a book about swimsuits...

... Sarah Kennedy has written it instead (see post below).