14 December 2005

Mystic Pizza

  • Sarah Kennedy MBE had a box of pizzas delivered to the studio yetserday.
  • 8 December 2005


  • Sarah Kennedy MBE saw Maureen Lipman yesterday.
  • 6 December 2005


  • Sarah Kennedy MBE's steamer has broken.
  • SK would love to do ballroom dancing.
  • One can buy some lovely presents for Christmas on ebay, a famous auction site. If you were quick, you could have bought this fantastic signed photo of SK (unfortunatley, it came with an elderly gentleman's photo too):
    Sarah's lovely face

    This one was also going, for just 99p! See here.
    Sarah's lovely hands
  • Skydiving action

    Here is Sarah Kennedy MBE in mid-hover...
    SK takes to the air(waves)

    29 November 2005

    Chipmunk, toilets and Toots

    Chipmunk - cute
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE loves her new studio, but still doesn't know where the toilets are.
  • SK hasn't seen the photos yet from her windtunnel/skydiving experience, but she's been told she looked like a chipmunk.
  • Sarah would like to be known as "DJ Toots Bagshaw" from now on, her new moniker.

    Here is a webcam photo of Sarah's specially-designed new studio:

    (Apologies to those who were offended by the large breasts contained in yesterday's short film, as produced by a Dawn Patroller, and accessible below.)
  • 28 November 2005

    Studio, holidays and diving in the sky

  • Everything Sarah Kennedy MBE learnt last week in her new studio...

    ... has now been forgotten.
  • SK would like to campaign for St George's Day to be a national holiday.
  • Sarah had a go at skydiving last weekend (in a windtunnel type thing).

    Ross the skydiver
  • SK in movie action

    A kindly listener has sent me a movie clip of SK's life story. He is creating a moving pictures version of her wonderful life:

    Sarah Kennedy auto-biographical film.

    24 November 2005

    Studio 6A

  • Sarah kennedy MBE has now moved into the new studios. They...
    ... are a lot warmer (so no need for the SK portable radiator)
    ... have no piano
    ... are IKEA-ish
    ... are quite large
    ... have a grey carpet
    ... and pale green walls
    (The old studio is below)
    SK would like to know if the sound sounds better in the new studio.

  • SK used to listen to the Ivy League as a spritely youngster, playing table tennis. She had a very good backhand.
  • Sarah failed her driving test three times.
  • Ms K would like to know why she doesn't have a side-kick. Most of the other R2 ppl have one.

    SK in webcam action
  • 21 November 2005

    Children in Need

    Friday's show was lovely. The great actor Guy Henry ("It's Showtime!") helped Ms K do the show and it was a joy to listen to the two friends.

    16 November 2005

  • SK MBE went to a zoo yesterday.
  • Sarah has noticed more men are plucking their eyebrows - this excludes Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian).
  • Ms K was shocked this morning, to see a cyclist at 4am with light on his bike.
  • 15 November 2005


  • Sarah Kennedy MBE has never knowingly paid more than £20 for a bottle of wine (although she may have been stung when on holidays).
  • A WEEKEND WITH SARAH KENNEDY (see below) was sold for £15,000!

    Wine - good for you
  • 14 November 2005

    SK's back!

    After a two-week sojourn - which she says feels more like six weeks! - Sarah is back where she belongs on the British airwaves.

  • One of Much Dearly Beloved's (aka Adrian's) best features is his nose. In fact, he has a fantastic nose, much like the Duke of Wellington's. However, Sarah would like to know why it never gets sun burnt. In comparison, her small nose is currently red, like a Gerry Cottle clown's hooter.
  • SK watched the Children in Need programme last night with Terry Wogan and Natasha Kaplinsky and has come to the conculsion that Ruby Wax is v. annoying.
  • A horse called Artie Shiller came up trumps for SK at the New York races. The next day, the hotel room had a delightful smell of hot dogs and onions.

    Hot doggie
  • Win a weekend with SK!

    From the BBC Children in Need website:

    "Sarah Kennedy fans get your cheque book ready - this is your chance to spend a weekend in London, with Sarah and Adrian as your hosts.

    You and your partner will check in at the world-famous Goring Hotel on Friday, 6th of January, or Friday the 13th of January, next year. You'll spend two nights in a top suite at the late Queen Mother's favourite hotel with its award-winning restaurant.

    You'll have time to enjoy the chocolates, flowers and personalised bottles of champagne you'll find in your room, courtesy of Weatherby's. Sarah and Adrian will meet you for drinks and whisk you off for dinner, at Shepherd's restaurant just round the corner, or the equally famous Langham Restaurant in London's Piccadilly - the choice is yours!

    The next day, after a slap-up full English, you'll visit the Radio 2 studios here and record your very own "It's Showtime" jingle to be played out the following week on Radio 2. After lunch you'll go to the Apollo theatre to see a matinee performance of the critically acclaimed Mary Stewart. Then you'll go backstage to meet the main actors: Harriet Walter and Janet McTeer. You'll spend Saturday evening on the town with Sarah and Adrian, enjoying drinks and dinner.

    The next day you'll enjoy the famous Sunday lunch at the Goring Hotel, courtesy of chef Derek Quelch. If you're having trouble deciding what to choose from the menu, perhaps your guests can help you make up your mind - joining you for lunch will be Fran Godfrey, Alan Dedicoat, Lynn Bowles and John Marsh and his wife Janet.

    After all this, it's time to go home and wait for Monday to hear yourself on Radio 2!

    With grateful thanks to the Goring Hotel, the Apollo Theatre and everyone else involved in donating this lot to Children in Need."

    Click this: BBC website

    7 November 2005

    31 October 2005

    Gone fishing

    SK is in holiday. Please come back and visit next week.

    27 October 2005

    Bedtime habits

    SK, asleep. Happy days.
  • For the last two nights, Sarah Kennedy MBE has been waking up at exactly 2:38am.
  • This is very strange, as her alarm is set for 3:45am.
  • SK has only once ever missed a show due to oversleeping. Somehow she managed to turn off both her alarm clocks in her sleep!
  • Sarah don’t like champagne.
  • Sarah does not have a mobile phone.
  • 24 October 2005

    Worst canapes

  • SK hates cheese-and-pineapple-on-sticks.

    As performed by Sarah Kennedy MBE

    Gossip - as seen on TVMy name is Gossip.
    I have no respect for justice.
    I maim without killing.
    I break hearts and ruin lives.
    I am cunning and malicious
    and gather strength with age.
    The more I am quoted, the more I am believed.
    My victims are helpless.
    They cannot protect themselves against me
    because I have no name and no face.
    To track me down is impossible.
    The harder you try, the more elusive I become.
    I am nobody's friend.
    Once I tarnish a reputation, it's never the same.
    I topple governments and wreck marriages.
    I ruin careers and cause sleepless nights,
    heartaches and indigestion.
    I make innocent people cry in their pillows.
    Even my name hisses.
    I am called Gossip.
    I make headlines and headaches.
    Before you repeat a story, ask yourself:
    Is it true? Is it harmless?
    Is it necessary?
    If is isn't, don't repeat it.

    19 October 2005


  • SK MBE had a very bad day yesterday. First of all, her car ('BOT') got a parking ticket. Then, it got towed away by Ken Livingstone's traffic police! It cost £250 to get it released.
  • Sarah has been invited to appear on the infantile BBC children's TV programme, 'Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow'(!)
    Dick and Dum - idiots
  • 18 October 2005

    Dirty knickers

  • Sarah Kennedy MBE is down to her last pair of knickers as she has been without a washing machine since 21 September. Luckily, a new machine arrived yesterday, courtesy of John Lewis.
  • 17 October 2005

    Save the albatross

  • Sarah Kennedy MBE was here, there and everywhere last weekend.
  • SK says: "Pheasants are daft birds."
  • Ms K's old producer, Mark Simpson, has been relegated to the Steve Wright show.
  • For the first time, Sarah watched Strictly Come Dancing the other day. SK says she'd love to have a go at it next year.
  • Sarah's new washing machine is arriving today (from John Lewis).

    Please support Sarah in trying to save the albatross.

    Albatross: 'Save me, please'

    CORRECTION: Sarah apologises for mistakedly claiming that Natasha Kaplinsky's "toe had falled off". It was in fact, her "toenail".
  • 14 October 2005

    She's only gone and done it!

    Rise Ma'amSarah Kennedy got her fully-deserved MBE on Thursday.

    Speaking afterwards, she said: "It's lovely to get it. It's quite undeserved really because it's programmes I love doing and I get paid for."

    At the time, SK threw the letter announcing the honour in the rubbish, mistaking it for a piece of election campaigning! She retrieved if after reflecting that it was on "very expensive paper".

    "I took it out and it was covered in tomato ketchup. I had to sit down I was so shocked," she said.

    From BBC news

    As listened to the by The Queen

    She said: "The Queen said she enjoyed listening to me."

    From The Mirror

    13 October 2005


  • The Dawn Patrol is fuelled by hot water and lemon.
  • Michael Owen is a good looking man, according to our Sarah.
  • Sarah's tip of the day: Get your brussel sprouts on the boil now, ready for Christmas.
  • 10 October 2005

    New photo of SK and Spike Milligan

    SK and Spike Millilligan
    From a programme called Classmates.


    Kaplinsky on the breakfast
  • Last Friday, SK left the studio, as per normal, at 7:40am. Normally she gets back to Kennedy Towers for Ken Bruce, but this time she got back at...
    ... 2pm! This was due to water spilt on the roads of London.
  • Also last Friday, Sarah Kennedy MBE went to the Post Office Tower for an ITV birthday bash. Vanessa Feltz and Natasha Kaplinsky ('lost a toe during Celebrity Dancer Programme) were there too. SK's Dearly Beloved is not into the celeb thang, but he loves 'Maggie from Extras' and got talking to her!
  • 6 October 2005

    She's back!

  • SK is back! With stained red feet! From crushing grapes for wine in Portugal! For Children in Need!
  • After one particularly busy day of grape crushing, Sarah Kennedy MBE woke up to find her bed covered in pips.
  • The grapes go up to one's bikini line.

    SK crushed several grapes
  • When Sarah gets ready for the newspaper review she listens to... Radio 3!
  • 3 October 2005

    New photo! Paddington sandwich

    Here is a lovely photo of Sarah Kennedy MBE at the Hampton Court Flower Show.

    SK having a great time

    She is the one in the middle, between Paddington Bear and the man who gave birth to that bear, Michael Bond.

    29 September 2005

    Swede, tea, wine and rust

    Pudsey, right, Wogan, left
  • As a child, Sarah Kennedy MBE was fed mashed swede, whilst sitting in the kitchen sink.
  • Some people recognised Sarah the other day and waved at her in Mayfair, London.
  • Lynn Bowles was wearing russet today.
  • SK has not drank a cup of tea or coffee for over one year.
  • Sarah's off to Portugal soon for a quick holiday crushing grapes (for Children in Need).
  • 27 September 2005

    Rev Roge, papers and hair loss

    The reverend
  • Yesterday, SK did a Christmas card event where they launched a brussel sprout card. Reverend Roger Royle was there and Sarah Kennedy MBE gave him a cuddle.
  • Ms K does not like The Guardian.
  • SK is worried about the growing number of balding women.
  • 26 September 2005


  • Sarah went to Totnes this weekend, to see her sister.
  • 22 September 2005

    Churchill, clothes and electric staircases

  • Sarah Kennedy MBE saw Winston Churchill as a young child. SK's dad took her to Parliament.
  • Today, Lynne Bowles wore her ratting jacket again. Sarah wore her lumberjack shirt, leggings and socks.
  • Sarah has an escalator phobia.

    Churchill - great
  • 21 September 2005

    Phones and birthdays

  • SK does not have a mobile phone.
  • Dearly Beloved will be 39 soon.
  • 19 September 2005

    SK is back!

    Beadle - watch out
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE is back from her week's holiday doing absolutely nothing (other than meeting Guy 'Its Showtime!' Henry).
  • Ms Sarah asked today (quite rightly), when was the last time you heard a trailer for the Dawn Patrol programme? Answer? Never!
  • SK did that ITV show last night. She sat next to Beadle and Matthew Kelly.

    Don't forget to support SK's new campaign, to allow the army to drink alcohol. See Let them sup ale campaign.
  • 18 September 2005

    Poll results

    Thanks to everyone who voted - here are the results...

    Q: What would be the best time for Sarah Kennedy's show?
    6-7:30am (current slot): 79% (442 votes)
    7:30-9:30am: 8% (45)
    9:30am-12pm: 2%(13)
    12-2pm: 0% (2)
    2-5pm: 6% (34)
    5-7pm: 1% (4)
    7-9pm: 1% (3)
    9-10:30pm: 1% (7)
    Graveyard slot: 0% (0)
    Weekend: 2% (10)

    15 September 2005

    SK in video action!

    Here are some antique clips of Ms Kennedy in action, on her excellent programme, 'Daytime'...

    SK on TV (with David Beckham)1) SK introduces the show - not with a 'Hello' or 'Welcome', but with a resounding 'Hooray!'
    2) SK launches David Beckham's media career - she also gives the England captain some football tips, but when Beckham follows them, he hits a football in to a young girl's face

    9 September 2005

    Veg cat and more

  • The cat that belongs to Sarah Kennedy MBE, ('Hector') is a vegetarian.
  • SK would love to run her hands through England cricketer, Matthew Hoggard's hair.
  • Sarah hates the taste of squid.
  • It took Ms K just 10 minutes to get ready for work this morning.
  • Unfortunately, this morning was Sarah's last day for a week. Richard Allinson is the substitute.
  • But don't worry, because you can have more of SK at Swineshead, Bedfordshire this weekend. She's taking part in a fun run.
  • 7 September 2005

    6 September 2005

    Rain, jokes, teeth and 'Enry

  • Sarah Kennedy MBE loves the rain.
  • The show needs more jokes, so please send them in.
  • SK went to the dentist yesterday.
  • Guy Henry has recorded his new 'It's Showtime' spiel. He now says, in a rather sinister manner, 'It's Time For Your Close-Up, Miss Kennedy'.

    Dentist - all in good order
  • 3 September 2005

    In the army now

    Sarah couldn't believe it when she heard that the Army are not allowed a drink after a day's work. As she used to work on Armed Forces Radio, Sarah Kennedy MBE will be campaigning for daily beer allowances for our boys on the front.

    Army - no beer

    31 August 2005

    As seen on TV

    Dobby - aka Adrian
  • Look out for our Sarah on TV! She will be appearing on a special 50 years of ITV programme soon. It is being filmed shortly on a Sunday night (SK MBE moaned about having to get up at 3 the next morning). Sarah is going to make sure best mate Matthew Kelly is going first, otherwise she won't bother going.
  • Talking of television, they repeated An Audience With Victoria Wood the other day, in which an attractive Ms Kennedy appeared in the Audience.
  • Guy Henry is popping in soon to re-record "It's showtime!".
  • SK received a pair of regulation army pants today.
  • Despite working with horses, Beloved (aka Dearly Beloved, aka "Adrian", aka Dobby) has never owned one.
  • 30 August 2005

    Stones and cats

  • With regard to the Rolling Stones' latest single, Sarah Kennedy MBE hated it at first, then loved it, but has now reverted back to hating it.
  • Beloved (aka Adrian) has bred at least 20 cats.

    Richards - good looking man
  • 27 August 2005

    Buy Sarah's furniture

    From eBay!...

    Tetrad Sofa/Chaise - Ex Sarah Kennedy/Much Beloved

    "This sofa was previously owned by Sarah Kennedy (Radio 2 - Dawn Patrollers) and her much beloved!"

    17 August 2005

  • Sarah Kennedy was an English teacher at Queenswood School, Potters Bar.
  • 16 August 2005

    Sarah goes by many professional names. Do you know them all?
  • Sarah
  • Sarah Kennedy
  • SK
  • Sararararah
  • Ms Kennedy
  • Bunty
  • TBW
  • 15 August 2005

  • SK went up to Ironbridge yesterday.
  • It rained.
  • She bought Beloved (aka Adrian) an Ironbridge pastie from a famous pie shop there. Inside is a photo of a politician eating his fill -- guess who it is...

    Prezza in action
  • 3 August 2005

  • Beloved (aka Adrian) has never had a blister - until this year. He cried like a baby.
  • Sarah Kennedy's (MBE) favourite month is May.
  • 2 August 2005

  • The studio door was locked today because of an "air pocket".
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE told her many listeners a funny story today. It was about a time when she was cooking food on a hop farm. She remembers being driven off somewhere, and then crashing. When she awoke, her green trouser suit had been ripped off, and all she was left with were her red pants. Later, the driver of the vehicle that did the crash (ex-merchant navy) tried to have his wicked way with SK!
  • Ms Kennedy hates thongs, but don't let that put you off! Buy your own SK thong from the SK shop.

    The SK thong - wear it with pride
  • 1 August 2005

  • It was cold in the Radio 2 studio this morning, so SK MBE had to put the radiator on.
  • Ms Kennedy once met Cat Stevens, as he was perfoming in the Thought for the Day slot. However, it was rather embarassing as Sarah meekly held out her hand for the Cat Man to shake it, but he refused, saying he couldn't touch the hand of another man's wife. Of course, as we are all aware, Ms Kennedy is a Ms.
  • SK is off to see the Earl of Leicester this week.
  • 29 July 2005

  • Tuesdays are Sarah Kennedy's (MBE) worst days of the week.
  • Februarys are Sarah Kennedy's (MBE) worst months of the year.
  • SK's funny term for Daniel Beddingfield is "Daniel Beddingplants"!
  • 28 July 2005

  • Sarah Kennedy MBE has a phobia - of small birds.
  • One day, Sarah would like to write a song.
  • 26 July 2005

    Some girl band
  • Sarah Kennedy (MBE) revealed today that she had once posed for some "edgy" nude photos.
  • Sarah Kennedy (Ford Transit Owners Club Honorary President) almost collided into a lamp post this morning after an altercation with a white van man.
  • Ms Kennedy does not like girl bands.
  • 22 July 2005

    Wicker Man - Edward Woodwardwood gets burnt in a big wicker man
  • The film, The Wicker Man, terrifies Sarah Kennedy MBE, but she rates it highly.
  • SK is banned from playing country music on her show by the BBC.
  • Ms K's car has the registration of 'BOT'.
  • 21 July 2005

    Adrian - simply the best (man)
  • Did you know that Sarah Kennedy MBE met her Beloved (aka Adrian) 8 years ago? He was best man at a wedding and Sarah snaffled him up. BUT, they're not married yet...
  • They're both off tp the Test match today. It's a present from him to her.
  • 20 July 2005

  • Beloved (aka Adrian) has never seen a flying ant and refuses to belive they exist!
  • Sarah's got the painters in this week.
  • Silly Sarah ate a load of sausages last night (she was cooking them up for the Test match).
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE thinks Matt Lucas (Little Britain man) is "marvellous".

    Lucas - SK likes him
  • 15 July 2005

    Wikipedia is a free-content encyclopedia, written collaboratively by people from around the world. The site is a wiki, which means that anyone can edit articles, simply by clicking on the edit this page link. It runs on MediaWiki software. Wikipedia is a trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

    Anyway, this is what it says about Sarah...

    Sarah Mary Kennedy MBE is a British broadcaster, born in 1950. She began her career at BBC Radio 2 in the 1970s, and then became famous as the host of Game For A Laugh on ITV for several years from 1981. Other television work included the short-lived BBC current affairs programme Sixty Minutes and the ITV game show Busman's Holiday. As her TV career declined, she returned to Radio 2, where she has hosted the weekday early morning show since 1993. She is widely unpopular with the station's younger listeners, who perceive her as a throwback to an earlier age of Radio 2, but she still has her fans, among whom she is known as "Bunty Bagshaw" (an allusion to the Joyce Grenfell or Arthur Marshall type of jolly-hockey-sticks girls' boarding school character).

    In the Queens Birthday honours 2005, she was awarded the MBE for services to broadcasting.

    Sarah Kennedy MBE is one of the few female presenters to have her own daily show on UK national radio.

    Her 'Much Beloved' husband is a popular character in the show thanks largely to his hilariously inept gambling problem.

    From Wikipedia.

    13 July 2005

    Secombe - comedian who took the High Road
  • SK's Dad loved Harry Secombe - Sarah once interviewed the ex-Goon.
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE thinks that Joss Stone's latest song doesn't end very well.
  • Ms Kennedy has taken to waking up in the middle of the night and partaking in cold baths in this very hot weather we are currently having.
  • Silly old Much Beloved (aka Adrian) has been a naughty boy and been demoted. He is now called just "Beloved".
  • Sarah once did a spot of wing-walking in her Game For A Laugh days - she was game for a laugh then!
    Sarah! (not really!)
  • Make sure you keep an eye open for The Daily Mail. Sarah will be appearing in it soon in a piece about her ducklings...
  • 11 July 2005

    Turner -- head turner
  • Sarah went to Much Beloved's (aka Adrian's) speech service at his old Moorlands School in Leeds.
  • Everything is purple there.
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE was surprised at how small the toilets, sinks and chairs were.
  • Beloved's bet last week only managed to run in second.
  • Ms Kennedy loves Ike and Tina Turner's Nutbush City Limits.
  • 8 July 2005

    Tarbuck - the buck stops with Tarby
  • SK MBE went to Buckingham Palace the other day for a war reunion.
  • Also there was Jimmy Tarbuck, Jim Davidson and Canon and Ball (and Wogan).
  • Sarah went round shouting "we've won!" after hearing that London has won the Olympics.
  • She had a chat with Camilla and Charles' aide.
  • Mark Simpson (SK's producer) plans the music played on the show a month in advance!
  • 6 July 2005

    5 July 2005

    Sarah's beautiful babies

    Ducklings -- aren't they little sweetlings?
    Here is a photo of Sarah's new tennants - a gaggle of baby ducklings that hatched out in her London abode! Aren't they nice?

    Humble -- who she? -- and a big fat snake
  • SK MBE and Adrian DB went to the Hampton Court garden show the other day. It didn't rain.
  • At the show were loads of celebs, including Kate Humble.
  • Sarah has an auntie what lives in Selsey Bill.
  • 27 June 2005

    Ferrets -- live in the North
  • Silly billy Sarah Kennedy MBE has left her hay fever tablets at the country home.
  • Much Beloved (aka Adrian) is doing a speech at his old school in Leeds soon. SK MBE has got to go with him so she will have to spend the day in the boring North (on her birthday).
  • 24 June 2005

  • A fridge belonging to Sarah Kennedy MBE is broken. It's door has dropped off.
  • SK's prized cat, Burman, has gone missing. This could be just one incident in a recent spate of catnapping.
  • 20 June 2005

    Not much to report lately, other than...
    Sarah Kennedy MBE wears knickers with ribbons on.

    13 June 2005

    Morning, Ma'am

    MBE -- Sarah got hers in the post
  • SK won't talk about her MBE again until the Queen agrees to see her.
  • Sarah got a letter about it on May 4.
  • Because it said "One Her Majesty's Service", she thought it was another one of those tax demands.
  • However, she soon realised it was printed on expensive paper, so thought it couldn't be that.
  • When she opened it, she had to sit down, as she was in such a state of shock.
  • She says it's very flattering and thanks everyone she has ever worked with.
  • Ms K prefers to call it her "MBE" aka Midland Electricity Board.

    Other news
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE has only ever been to three concerts: Bing Crosby, Carol King and Manfred Mann.
  • The Kennedy household bought a strimmer at the weekend.
  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) drives a convertible car.
  • Contrary to popular belief, SK doesn't have piles.
  • 11 June 2005

    Arise Sir Sarah Kennedy

    Sarah Kennedy, 54, has been awarded an MBE for services to this country (in broadcasting). The excellent news comes after Dame Kennedy was announced as the 30th most powerful woman on the planet Earth.

    Links: MBE | Powerful woman

    5 June 2005

    Sarah Kennedy has rightly been recognised as creating the oft-used term 'white van man' by becoming honorary president of the Ford Transit Owners Club. Here is the press release from Ford:

    Sarah -- vans do it for herLONDON , 1 June, 2005 – It was an historic moment when BBC Radio 2 Presenter, Sarah Kennedy, coined the phrase "white van man". Love them or hate them, thanks to Sarah they have become part of the English language and a way of life on British roads. To mark her contribution to the van industry and with a sweet irony, the first Ford Transit Owners Club has made her its honorary president.

    On receiving her presidency from the cab of a van, Sarah said: "As president, I shall be keeping an extra-beady eye out for White Van Man antics!"

    Peter Lee has founded the Owners Club to mark 40 years of success of the Ford Transit; the only van in Britain to have been a market leader its entire lifetime. He said: "Due to my van archives and collections of thousands of models, I have always had dealings with van owners and the commercial vehicle team at Ford. Over the years, I must have been asked 1000 times whether an Owners Club existed. Transit's 40 th birthday this year has confirmed that I am not alone in my passion for the van. To have Sarah as our honorary president is a double whammy for all things that are wonderful and British!"

  • ford.com
  • Transit Club
  • 2 June 2005

  • DJ Kennedy prefers the good old days of vinyl records.
  • Her father used to brew beer in the airing cupboard, which meant that Sarah Kennedy's knickers smelled of hops.

    Related story: Nettle knickers and a pint of beer
  • 1 June 2005

    Dimmock and friends -- not funny
  • SK lives in SW6.
  • At the above property, a duck has decided to lay seven eggs and hatch them out on Sarah's roof.
  • Sarah Kennedy hates the way gardeners (ie, Alan Titmarch and Charles Dimmock) think they have to act the joker.
  • 26 May 2005

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