22 February 2007

SK fights dirty old trains in Cheshire

From icCheshireOnline...

"CHESTER railway station's toilets have been panned - on national radio.

Radio 2 presenter Sarah Kennedy attacked the condition of the loos on her weekday morning slot last week.

Mess, probably left by the likes of Bowles or WoganThe DJ had been travelling to Llangollen and called them 'filthy'.

The redevelopment of the station will cost about £6.8m. Arriva Trains Wales' part of the scheme, including shops and a cafe, begins in May.

But other users shared Sarah Kennedy's concerns and felt that until the improvements began, the state the toilets are kept in was not helping Chester's image.

... Arriva's station manager in Chester, Karen Kinder said: 'We are sorry Sarah Kennedy's experience of the toilets at Chester station was not of the standard we would expect to offer.

'Our toilets, along with the rest of Chester station, are cleaned regularly and indeed were steam cleaned thoroughly only last weekend. But we do recognise that they are in need of some upg rading.'

She added: 'Sarah Kennedy will be certainly be on top of the Arriva Trains Wales invitation list to come and see the improvements when they have been completed."

Click! BBC Radio 2 DJ gives station loos bum rap

20 February 2007


Sarah's recovered from her tenderness.
SK in training

19 February 2007

Get well soon SK!

Richard Allinson tried to stand in today. At least the BBC didn't invite Aled Jones back.

SK's ill

15 February 2007

SK's horse tip of the week!

Straight from the horse's mouth:
11.50 Portman Park - Soldier Rabbit - 33/1

8 February 2007

SK saves the day

SouffleBumbling Terry Wogan, 75, right, was late for his own radio show this morning. Sarah Kennedy, 50, manfully stood in, despite having a souffle, below, in the oven.

Everyone else who was meant to be in, was in, from Fran Godfrey to the cleaner woman. Even traffic wench Lynne Bowles made it.


4 February 2007