28 November 2006

Aled Jones: the truth

The BBC are due to issue a notice on what is happening with regards to Aled Jones and why the show is being publicised as "Aled Jones: The Dawn Patrol".

27 November 2006

Still no Aled Jones

Today, Adrian Lester stood in for SK.

Lester - solid and dependable bak-up to SK

With such a poor attendance record, it is unlikely Jones will work for the BBC again.

24 November 2006

Still no sign...

... of Aled Jones. This means he has a 100% absence ratio.

20 November 2006

SK's on holiday

Jones boyMiss K is having a well-deserved break.

Someone called Aled Jones* is meant to be standing in, but he couldn't be bothered today, so Goodier stood in.

* He never even sang "We're Walking In The Air". Peter Auty did.

14 November 2006

12 November 2006

Sarah Kennedy having a laugh on air!

Radio 2's Ms Kennedy, as recorded on Thursday 9 November 2006

Reproduced with kind permission.