29 January 2007

Cat Stevens and fizzy brain

Lessons learned from recent shows:
  • Cat Stevens would shake SK's hand because he's religious.
  • SK has "fizzy brain syndrome" in which she has lots of amazing thoughts and ideas.
  • 15 January 2007

    SK returns from the Panama Canal!

    She's back at last, where she belongs on international Radio 2, and she's forgotten how to drive the oven and work the car!

    That silly choir boy has been banished.

    1 January 2007

    Help SK stamp out albatrosses

    The RSPB have employed Sarah Kennedy (SK) to help them Stamp out Albatross slaughter this Christmas.

    "Sarah Kennedy, Radio 2 presenter, has been a key supporter of the campaign to protect albatrosses. She said: “Not many people will be fortunate enough to see an albatross, but everyone can take a role in trying to help them.

    “I’m delighted to tell people that I’m supporting the RSPB in its bid to save these fantastic birds. If everyone could be encouraged to send in their stamps to the appeal rather than putting them in the bin, these birds would have a brighter future.

    Dead albatross

    “The RSPB will sell the stamps to dealers and an auction house to raise much-needed funds for the Save the Albatross Campaign. For example, £50 will buy a tori line for a longline fishing vessel.”"

    From here: Stamp out Albatross slaughter this Christmas