4 January 2007

SK will be back next week

Back where she belongs.


Anonymous said...

I think you will find it is the week after next - ie Jan 15th. You'll have to put up with that person who'll never work for the BBC again for another week! - great!

Anonymous said...

get a life! It is only a radio programme!

get out and smell the roses perhaps?

You come over on this blog as very, very sad person!

Aled is the best! Sarah is ok, just stop going on about it.....take a look out of your window, have a laugh, make some love, enjoy yourself, stop fretting about stupid fecking radio programmes

Anonymous said...

bet you dont publish my comments! You must be a very sad person to be worrying about Aled and Sarah, we are sure they do not worry half so much about you.

Get a life

Anonymous said...

You need to get a life. Why post comments like this on a SK blog. we are FANS of Sarah K.
You'd be better suited to the radio 2 messageboard, a regular haunt for trolls such as yourself!