29 September 2005

Swede, tea, wine and rust

Pudsey, right, Wogan, left
  • As a child, Sarah Kennedy MBE was fed mashed swede, whilst sitting in the kitchen sink.
  • Some people recognised Sarah the other day and waved at her in Mayfair, London.
  • Lynn Bowles was wearing russet today.
  • SK has not drank a cup of tea or coffee for over one year.
  • Sarah's off to Portugal soon for a quick holiday crushing grapes (for Children in Need).
  • 27 September 2005

    Rev Roge, papers and hair loss

    The reverend
  • Yesterday, SK did a Christmas card event where they launched a brussel sprout card. Reverend Roger Royle was there and Sarah Kennedy MBE gave him a cuddle.
  • Ms K does not like The Guardian.
  • SK is worried about the growing number of balding women.
  • 26 September 2005


  • Sarah went to Totnes this weekend, to see her sister.
  • 22 September 2005

    Churchill, clothes and electric staircases

  • Sarah Kennedy MBE saw Winston Churchill as a young child. SK's dad took her to Parliament.
  • Today, Lynne Bowles wore her ratting jacket again. Sarah wore her lumberjack shirt, leggings and socks.
  • Sarah has an escalator phobia.

    Churchill - great
  • 21 September 2005

    Phones and birthdays

  • SK does not have a mobile phone.
  • Dearly Beloved will be 39 soon.
  • 19 September 2005

    SK is back!

    Beadle - watch out
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE is back from her week's holiday doing absolutely nothing (other than meeting Guy 'Its Showtime!' Henry).
  • Ms Sarah asked today (quite rightly), when was the last time you heard a trailer for the Dawn Patrol programme? Answer? Never!
  • SK did that ITV show last night. She sat next to Beadle and Matthew Kelly.

    Don't forget to support SK's new campaign, to allow the army to drink alcohol. See Let them sup ale campaign.
  • 18 September 2005

    Poll results

    Thanks to everyone who voted - here are the results...

    Q: What would be the best time for Sarah Kennedy's show?
    6-7:30am (current slot): 79% (442 votes)
    7:30-9:30am: 8% (45)
    9:30am-12pm: 2%(13)
    12-2pm: 0% (2)
    2-5pm: 6% (34)
    5-7pm: 1% (4)
    7-9pm: 1% (3)
    9-10:30pm: 1% (7)
    Graveyard slot: 0% (0)
    Weekend: 2% (10)

    15 September 2005

    SK in video action!

    Here are some antique clips of Ms Kennedy in action, on her excellent programme, 'Daytime'...

    SK on TV (with David Beckham)1) SK introduces the show - not with a 'Hello' or 'Welcome', but with a resounding 'Hooray!'
    2) SK launches David Beckham's media career - she also gives the England captain some football tips, but when Beckham follows them, he hits a football in to a young girl's face

    9 September 2005

    Veg cat and more

  • The cat that belongs to Sarah Kennedy MBE, ('Hector') is a vegetarian.
  • SK would love to run her hands through England cricketer, Matthew Hoggard's hair.
  • Sarah hates the taste of squid.
  • It took Ms K just 10 minutes to get ready for work this morning.
  • Unfortunately, this morning was Sarah's last day for a week. Richard Allinson is the substitute.
  • But don't worry, because you can have more of SK at Swineshead, Bedfordshire this weekend. She's taking part in a fun run.
  • 7 September 2005

    6 September 2005

    Rain, jokes, teeth and 'Enry

  • Sarah Kennedy MBE loves the rain.
  • The show needs more jokes, so please send them in.
  • SK went to the dentist yesterday.
  • Guy Henry has recorded his new 'It's Showtime' spiel. He now says, in a rather sinister manner, 'It's Time For Your Close-Up, Miss Kennedy'.

    Dentist - all in good order
  • 3 September 2005

    In the army now

    Sarah couldn't believe it when she heard that the Army are not allowed a drink after a day's work. As she used to work on Armed Forces Radio, Sarah Kennedy MBE will be campaigning for daily beer allowances for our boys on the front.

    Army - no beer