26 May 2005

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Q: What do you like best about Sarah Kennedy's show?
326 people voted in the long-running poll. Here are the results:

Sarah's general witty comments about life: 70%
The newspaper review: 10%
The 'It's Showtime' slot: 6%
The blonde jokes: 5%
The choice of music: 4%
The Marmite stories: 3%
The spillage stories: 2%

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24 May 2005

Snake -- big bottom lowered down on slimy snake
  • Sarah Kennedy once sat on a snake in a toilet (in the jungle).
  • SK had a very bad cough today, but still soldiered on through the airwaves.
  • 20 May 2005

    Pudsey and Wogan
  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) wants to eat Maltesers on Eurovision Night, because he likes their song.
  • Sarah did her TOGs calendar photoshoot yesterday, with Pudsey Bear and Guy Henry, outside Marry Poppins the musical in London. They were the last ones to do it.
  • 19 May 2005

  • Sarah Kennedy has NEVER been to Argos.
    Argos -- not up to Sarah's super standards
  • Yesterday, SK saw a U-boat being transported on a lory.
  • 17 May 2005

    Javine -- singing in Europe for Engerland
  • In honour of this weekend's Eurovision Song Contest, Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) wants Sarah Kennedy to make home homemade chicken kievs.
  • Guy 'It's Showtime!' Henry has to be back this week to see Mary Poppins as that is the picture they are using for the (typical) TOGs calendar photoshoot.
  • SK thinks Radio 2 should play more Ringo Starr.
  • 16 May 2005

    Lisp -- as modelled by Chris Eubank
  • A large helicopter (aka "helicopeter") landed in a field next to Sarah Kennedy's country mansion. Pretending to wash the windows, she peered out and watched what was happeneing, as a besuited man appeared with a handful of flowers and a large sign that said "Marry me". It wasn't for SK of course, but for her neighbour. Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) was not amused.
  • Ms Kennedy once cured a small boy from his lisp.
  • Boring old Lynn Bowles is back on the morning travel shifts.
  • 14 May 2005

  • Sarah Kennedy will be mostly shovelling three tonnes of gravel this weekend.
  • Guy Henry (he of It's Showtime fame) has recently lost out on two acting jobs.
    He's away now, but has assured SK he'll be back in time to watch Mary Poppins with her next Thursday.
  • 10 May 2005

    Jordan -- big bones
  • Sarah has put on four pounds.
  • SK calls Bob Geldoff "Bob Delgoff".
  • In today's newspaper there is a picture of the model Jordan in which she "looks absolutely gross".
  • 7 May 2005

  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) loves a big election.
  • SK hated Cherie Blair's election outfit.
  • 4 May 2005

    Not much to report lately, except:
  • Sarah Kennedy wasn't working on Monday
  • There was some story about a donkey
  • She put on five pounds in weight during the course of her holidays
  • SK's into chocolate at the moment
  • she left keys in the front door yesterday