16 December 2003

Sarah's knickersLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah was talking all about one of her favourite phrases today: 'Getting your knickers in a twist.'
  • Talking of knickers, because her bottom has changed shape, Sarah had to throw out a pair of knickers the other day.
  • Sarah will be away from Monday 'til 4 January 2004.
  • SK will be at Ottakers bookshop in Guidlford signing books today.
  • The Much Beloved wants to buy Sarah a lawn roller for Christmas.
  • 15 December 2003

    The Queen of our heartsLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah does not send Christmas cards -- but she thanks everyone who has sent her one this year.
  • SK did not like the pictures of Her Maj and the skin legions in the weekend's papers.
  • 12 December 2003

    Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah's weight: just over nine stone.
  • SK has to get up at 3 o'clock in the morning to present the Dawn Patrol.
  • Sarah has now signed up to the advanced motorists' association.
  • The Much Beloved might be in for a surprise next year. There's a February 29th, on which Sarah said she might propose! You heard it here first.
  • 11 December 2003

    Bowles - what she would look like if she were a teacherLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah has been reading about horse tablets.
  • Lynn Bowles was looking very nice today.
  • Sarah's new name for Lynn is 'Doris'.
  • SK reckons that Lynn woud have made a very good headmistress.
  • Holly - 'buddy brilliant'Lessons learned from yesterday's show
  • Sarah's having a very bad hair week. 'It's all the static,' she said.
  • SK's mum is having keyhole surgery today on her dodgy knee.
  • A friend of SK's was in the Buddy Holly musical – 'buddy brilliant' show, said a listener called Ellen.
  • Stuart McKnight (aka 'McKnightingown') contacted the show to apologise to Sarah for disrupting her train journey to Salisbury with his loud mobile phone conversations. That was 'sweet' said Sarah, and he 'was quite good looking'.
  • Sarah on leaving her car at the mechanics -- 'like leaving your cat at the vets'.
  • Sill old Hector, SK's white cat has got very knotted fur and required a vet visit.
  • 9 December 2003

    Alpacas - sacrifice their fibres for our warmthLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah was moaning about how cold it was yesterday. She went to see her dear mother in Salisbury, but had to wear her vest and alpaca fleece, hat and scarf. 'You look like a polar bear', said Sarah’s funny old mum.
  • Michael, 'a country man', looks after Sarah's cats whenever she is away.
  • Kennedy Towers contains a small pond – big enough to hold two lilies.
  • SK is still sun-tanned from her Big South Africa Adventure.
  • Sarah's taking the VW in for a service today.
  • 8 December 2003

    Sausages - Sarah's breakfastLessons learned from today's show
  • Unusually for Sarah a subordinate went to the canteen during the news and bought her a spiced sausage.
  • Her Dearly Beloved wants to buy Sarah a steam cleaning machine for Christmas. (I suppose it will be cheaper that way.)
  • Many people have asked about a wonderful song that Sarah played on Thursday’s song: Joe Brown's 'I'll See You In My Dreams'. It can be downloaded from: Radio 2 message board. Following public demand, SK will be playing the song again next year.
  • Sarah and Her Much Beloved switched on the Kimbolton christmas lights (in St Ives).
  • SK has been told that she must be more assertive when facing up to the ice queen of traffic, Lynn Bowles.

    Stewart - born in LondonLessons learned from Friday's show
  • Sarah has a thing for Rod Stewart.
  • Sarah was 'very good at the egg and spoon'.
  • Sarah gave a special mention to her team Paul, Mark Simpson, Jo and Phil, for all their hard work.
  • 4 December 2003

    My lovely baby
    As requested by many of you, here is a picture of my darling Robin...
    My baby
    Kelly - very good in You BetLessons learned yesterday's show
  • Sarah saw her 'old mucker Matthew Kelly' in Of Mice And Men – very good, apparently.
  • Like Macy Gray, Nina Simone frightens Sarah.
  • Lynn Bowles still refuses to fix Sarah's washing machine.
  • Sarah's domestic travails continue to worsen: her phone and radiators are on the blink.

  • 3 December 2003

    From the BBC press office...
    Sarah 'has won over millions of Dawn Patrollers, including Oxford University undergraduates, and she is now required listening in the Common Room of Queen's College.'
    See the biography.
    Posh - following in the heavily-trodden footsteps of our SarahLessons learned from today's show
  • Her Much Beloved drives an Audi.
  • Sarah did two very convincing impressions during the paper review: Winston Churchill and Posh Beckham.
  • 2 December 2003

    Lessons learned from today's show
    Sarah went on about South Africa.

    1 December 2003

    SproutsSarah's back with a bang!
    SK had a lovely time in South Africa but has returned to her successful Radio 2 morning show.

    Lessons learned from today's show
  • Rather poignantly during the paper review, Sarah read a story that brussel sprouts can boost women's chances of becoming pregnant. Being childless, SK said, she never eats sprouts.
  • Lynn Bowles went to York this weekend and moaned about it being busy.