27 March 2007

Lessons learned so far this week

  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) had a session in a plane simulator. It was SK's Christmas present to him.
  • Sarah has a Philippine maid. Click! Maids: Cheap and Priceless

    Maids r us
  • 20 March 2007

    Oh dear. Wogan's at it again!

    ScreechWogan announces the wrong winners of the Eurovision choice for England, despite being told on his earpiece the right winners (Screech).

    Click! Wogan denies responsibility for slip-up

    601st post about Sarah Kennedy!

    Please feel free to peruse the other 600.

    13 March 2007

    Everyone's going to Whitby

    SK's weekend holiday in a caravan in Whitby has led to a huge increase in tourists visiting the Yorkshire town, tracing Sarah's steps.