26 January 2006

Express and Star

Interesting article

At last!

Whoppee! Hooray! SK MBE finally has her own radio trail. After all these years the BBC has finally decided to record a trailer for her. It could be heard today on the "Steve Wright" "show".

The music is by Goldfrapp.


23 January 2006

Paul Nicholas

  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) advised a girlfriend of SK MBE to bet all her money on one of Paul Nicholas's horses - it won!

  • 16 January 2006

    Wogan, Dedicoat and birds

  • Wogan is moving offices this week to join SK MBE in the new studios.
  • Alan Dedicoat kissed Sarah this morning.
  • Ms K saw a lot of magpies the other day.

    Dedicoat - don't trust him
  • 12 January 2006

    Tiffs and dirty weekends

  • SK MBE and Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) have only had two small lovers' tiffs in 9.5 years.
  • The pair are going for a weekend away in Britain this year and a foreign weekend away in Iceland.
  • 9 January 2006

    Cheese, Wogan and gay cats

  • SK MBE didn't have much food in the cupboard yesterday, but managed to find a piece of Wensleydale and skillfully made an omlette.
  • Sarah can't wait for chum Wogan to move to the new studios.
  • Hector, Ms K's cat, is a gay, vegetarian 4-year-old cat. At the weekend it stuck its paws in the vicar's shepherd pie (the clergy man was having a spot of lunch at Kennedy Towers).
    SK's vicar

  • 4 January 2006

    Diet, pet and song

  • SK MBE don't eat or drink after lunchtime.
  • Burnam the Cat is not talking to SK at the moment.
  • Sarah is scared of Tina Turner and Nina Simone.

    Simply the best