27 June 2005

Ferrets -- live in the North
  • Silly billy Sarah Kennedy MBE has left her hay fever tablets at the country home.
  • Much Beloved (aka Adrian) is doing a speech at his old school in Leeds soon. SK MBE has got to go with him so she will have to spend the day in the boring North (on her birthday).
  • 24 June 2005

  • A fridge belonging to Sarah Kennedy MBE is broken. It's door has dropped off.
  • SK's prized cat, Burman, has gone missing. This could be just one incident in a recent spate of catnapping.
  • 20 June 2005

    Not much to report lately, other than...
    Sarah Kennedy MBE wears knickers with ribbons on.

    13 June 2005

    Morning, Ma'am

    MBE -- Sarah got hers in the post
  • SK won't talk about her MBE again until the Queen agrees to see her.
  • Sarah got a letter about it on May 4.
  • Because it said "One Her Majesty's Service", she thought it was another one of those tax demands.
  • However, she soon realised it was printed on expensive paper, so thought it couldn't be that.
  • When she opened it, she had to sit down, as she was in such a state of shock.
  • She says it's very flattering and thanks everyone she has ever worked with.
  • Ms K prefers to call it her "MBE" aka Midland Electricity Board.

    Other news
  • Sarah Kennedy MBE has only ever been to three concerts: Bing Crosby, Carol King and Manfred Mann.
  • The Kennedy household bought a strimmer at the weekend.
  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) drives a convertible car.
  • Contrary to popular belief, SK doesn't have piles.
  • 11 June 2005

    Arise Sir Sarah Kennedy

    Sarah Kennedy, 54, has been awarded an MBE for services to this country (in broadcasting). The excellent news comes after Dame Kennedy was announced as the 30th most powerful woman on the planet Earth.

    Links: MBE | Powerful woman

    5 June 2005

    Sarah Kennedy has rightly been recognised as creating the oft-used term 'white van man' by becoming honorary president of the Ford Transit Owners Club. Here is the press release from Ford:

    Sarah -- vans do it for herLONDON , 1 June, 2005 – It was an historic moment when BBC Radio 2 Presenter, Sarah Kennedy, coined the phrase "white van man". Love them or hate them, thanks to Sarah they have become part of the English language and a way of life on British roads. To mark her contribution to the van industry and with a sweet irony, the first Ford Transit Owners Club has made her its honorary president.

    On receiving her presidency from the cab of a van, Sarah said: "As president, I shall be keeping an extra-beady eye out for White Van Man antics!"

    Peter Lee has founded the Owners Club to mark 40 years of success of the Ford Transit; the only van in Britain to have been a market leader its entire lifetime. He said: "Due to my van archives and collections of thousands of models, I have always had dealings with van owners and the commercial vehicle team at Ford. Over the years, I must have been asked 1000 times whether an Owners Club existed. Transit's 40 th birthday this year has confirmed that I am not alone in my passion for the van. To have Sarah as our honorary president is a double whammy for all things that are wonderful and British!"

  • ford.com
  • Transit Club
  • 2 June 2005

  • DJ Kennedy prefers the good old days of vinyl records.
  • Her father used to brew beer in the airing cupboard, which meant that Sarah Kennedy's knickers smelled of hops.

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  • 1 June 2005

    Dimmock and friends -- not funny
  • SK lives in SW6.
  • At the above property, a duck has decided to lay seven eggs and hatch them out on Sarah's roof.
  • Sarah Kennedy hates the way gardeners (ie, Alan Titmarch and Charles Dimmock) think they have to act the joker.