28 April 2005

  • Sarah Kennedy's baritone-singing nephew is staying with her again.
  • SK was wondering all about why birds fly into windows today.
  • Silly old maneating Sally Boazman's headphones weren't working this morning.
  • 26 April 2005

  • Sarah spent the morning showing off her Mozambique tan.
  • She also wore white.
  • And is starting to peel.
  • 25 April 2005

    Two weeks away and the queen of the airwaves is back!
    A Mozambique-ey
  • Sarah Kennedy was feeling a bit jetlagged, as she only got back yesterday morning, but she still managed to soldier in to work for the nation's enjoyment.
  • Nothing's changed while she's been away -- she was cut up by three white vans this morning on the arduous journey to the BBC studios.
  • SK and Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) spent their two weeks on a little island in Mozambique, far away from the paparazzi.
  • It took four boats, one plane and a canoe to get there.
  • Ms K was not bitten once by a mosquito (although she may have been bitten by the Beloved one).*
  • Sarah Kennedy is now so brown she looks like a conker.

    * joke
  • 8 April 2005

    Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah Kennedy woke up with a red eye. She is going to buy an eye patch for it today.
  • 6 April 2005

    Thursday 6 April

    Lessons learned from today's show
    Becks and Posh -- very 'very'

  • It's so cold now, SK has taken to wearing her Paddington Bear duffle coat.
  • Sarah's dad used to enjoy a good puff on his pipe every so often.
  • Sarah Kennedy was reminiscing about her TV work today. She loved presenting Busman's Holiday especially the one where contestants met the Pope.
  • There's also a clip somewhere of SK telling a young David Beckham to do well at O and A level.
  • And there's a TV clip of her falling over Sean Connery.
  • Sarah's been ordered not to talk about politics because of the election, but she did say that if Charles Kennedy wins, it will mean that there'll be an SK at no 10! If it was the real thing she said she would throw out the carpets and get a nice shag pile in.
  • Sarah taught sultry Sally Boazman how to make moose sounds this morning.
  • 5 April 2005

    Austria, almost 40, flies, Flack and BBC censorship

    Lessons learned from today's show
    Bishop -- very thoughtful
  • John Marsh (aka Marshypops) is in Austria searching for sausage.
  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) is 39 years old.
  • SK spent the last weekend swatting and spraying flies from her kitchen. Several landed in the gravy.
  • Bishop John Flack gave today's Thought For The Day, at the later time of 7:15. This was a bit boring, so hopefully it will be back at the proper time of before 7 tomorrow, when most people are still asleep.

  • Sarah's Monday show is not available on the Radio 2 listen again feature. There is no reason why it is being blocked, so if anyone knows why the BBC are censoring it, please contact this website.
    See the Radio 2 message board for more info on this curious event: curious event
  • 1 April 2005

    Sarah back on TV!

    SK on the brilliant Game For A Laugh, doing her famous 'walk down the stairs' entrance
    Sarah Kennedy is to appear where she belongs again, bang smack on national TV! The BBC Radio 2 message board has suggested that the popular 80s show will reunite for the next Comic Relief Red Nose Day (2007). Apparently, Sarah and Jeremy Beadle have signed up for the hour-long show, but the two Kellys are unlikely to appear as they have not spoken to each other since 1989.

    See also this earlier rumour.

    Lessons learned from Thursday's show
    Coe -- used to play judo with William Hague
  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) can be very rude. A new neighbour once knocked on the Kennedy door, only to receive a curt "hullo" from Dearly, "can't stop, I'm watching the Boat Race"!