29 August 2003

Lessons learned from today's show
  • Hot cross bun update: 35 still in freezer from last Easter.
  • Sarah disclosed that five cats and several peacocks regularly roam her living room.

    We are 6 months old on Monday!
    Six months ago the website was set up to spread the Sarah Kennedy word. Why not re-read the very first post!
  • 28 August 2003

    Perry Mason - loved PomegranitesLessons learned from today's show
  • Pomegranites is a lovely restauarant based in London. It is owned by Patrick and produces 'eclectic food' such as goat curry -- a delicacy of the Jamaican chef who managed to get a job there.
  • Sarah told us a wonderful story about Patrick, who knew Perry Mason ('a big man'). One day, Perry told Patrick he was going to take him out to the best restaurant in the south of England. Excitedly, Patrick got into Perry's Rolls Royce, and they drove off west, went round the block and turned up at... Pomegranites! After all, Perry said, Pomegranites was the best restaurant in the south!
  • After talking about Madonna taking her kit off, Sarah said she could never do it herself, and asked Lynn Bowles her opinion. She agreed with Sarah, and Sarah (observantly) added that if Lynn did it it might 'scare the horses'.
  • SK warned us that if you ever fly to Gibralter it's best to wear steel pants as the landing gives you the 'screaming ab-dabs'.
  • 27 August 2003

    Hot cross buns - Dearly Beloved can't resist the special promotions at SainsbugsLessons learned from today's fabulous show
  • Sarah has 40 hot cross buns in her freezer. Adrian (aka Dearly Beloved) bought them last year on a buy-one-get-one-free spree.
  • SK once lived in Petersfield, Hampshire.

    The unprofessional Lynn Bowles
    How much longer can Sarah cope with Lynn Bowles, the ex-columnist of a Kuwaiti weekly women's magazine-cum-travel reporter? Sarah struggles to strike up a meaningful conversation every morning with this spiteful lady who once caused an M25 traffic jam whilst doing a broadcast.

    Regular listeners may remember how well Sarah got on with Lynn's understudy, 'Steve', and how much more relaxed Sarah sounded whilst in his presence. Surely it must be 'Steve's' time to take over from the stricken Lynn, who was carelessly nearly drowned in a submerged helicopter when at Radio Five.
  • 26 August 2003

    Bowles - can be harsh when it comes to timingLynn Bowles - can't wait
    Lynn Bowles continued to annoy Sarah today by constantly berating her throughout the show. The reason behind these petty outbursts? The fact that poor Sarah was manfully trying to squeeze as much as she could into the show and hence was a little late passing over to Lynn's 'important' traffic update.

    23 August 2003

    ParsnipsLessons learned from Friday's excellent show
  • Sarah Kennedy has never heard of the film 'Footloose'.
  • Sarah's garden pond has been 'heroned'.
  • WARNING: Lynn Parsnips is standing in for Sarah on Monday.
  • 21 August 2003

    Girl on film!
    By undoubtedly using her many social contacts, Sarah has worked her way into a new film, 'Summer Rain', to be released next year. It is director Jonathan Glendening's first feature film and Sarah is rumoured be playing herself, the early morning dame of radio.

    A romantic comedy drama, 'Summer Rain' tells the story of three girls living together in Brighton - Britain's sexy and funky coastal capital. Tangled relationships; one night stands; frustrated ambitions; love and friendship are at the heart of this modern coming-of-age story.

    Look out for it at your local Blockbuster Video!

    20 August 2003

    Lessons learned from Monday's show
  • Sarah, in her own words, has been "over-consumered".
  • Dearly Beloved's been at it again, buying three of everything at the local "supermercado".
  • Sarah bans Dearly Beloved from Christmas shopping.
  • 19 August 2003

    Anthony Head - drinks Nescafe Gold BlendLessons learned fron today's show
  • Sarah once knew the brother of Anthony Head (of Buffy Vampire Slayer fame).

    However, having never met Anthony, she had a most embarassing moment when she ignorantly sat down next to him at a social event!
  • 7 August 2003

    Sarah Kennedy - very green fingersSarah's plants
    Here is Sarah, proudly displaying her 'Hosta', which has been named after her.

    Available from all good garden nurseries, it makes a perfect addition to any garden.

    NB: The Sarah Kennedy rose is also available.

    5 August 2003

    Sarah Kennedy on location in Grenada with Jenny DoddDo you remember when?...
    Sarah hosted the excellent gameshow Busman's Holiday.

    Unfortunately, her skills as a quiz master have seldom been used since. Maybe she should incorporate a phone-in quiz element to her morning slot?

    Sarah is not overly keen on the town of Spalding, due to an unfortunate incident with a public toilet.

    4 August 2003

    Sad to hear Sarah not on the radioSarah is away this week
    However, latest figures show that her audience figures are still extremely healthy, helping boost the flagging Terry Wogan. This is taken from uk.media.radio.bbc-r2. (Thanks to Mike)

    GfK Media has painted a different picture to RAJAR's radio listening results for Q2/03.

    Using modern metering systems to record listening habits - the GfK report shows the following results:

    The results for the weekday 6-9am time slot are (in order):

    * Radio 2: Sarah Kennedy (6-7.30 am) and Terry Wogan (7.30-9.30 am) - 3.75 million

    * Radio 4: Today programme with John Humphrys (6-9 am) - 3.68 million

    * Radio 1: Scott Mills (4-7 am) and Sara Cox (7-10 am) - 1.65 million

    * Five Live: Nicky Campbell & Victoria Derbyshire (6-9 am) - 1.44 million

    1 August 2003

    Lynn Bowles - funny eyesLessons learned from today's show
  • Lynn Bowles had something hideously wrong with her eye this morning.
  • According to Sarah, Calexico produce 'smacked bottom music'.
  • Marking the last day of the on-air frisson (before dour Wogan returns next week), Sarah warned us that Allinson was coming, so 'lock yourself in the bathroom'.
  • Sarah Kenendy is at the Goodwood races today.
  • She has raspberry jam and guavas in syrup in her larder. Thanks to Mike Terry.