27 April 2004

Sarah Kennedy poem
Regular readers may rememember Nancy Bellis' input into the website the last time Sarah Kennedy was on holiday. Nancy's fictitious stories about Ms Kennedy were warmly received. This time, the talented Ms Bellis has produced this poem...

Perfection in my ear
All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,
And for us to be together, to never be apart.

No one else in the world can even compare,
You're perfect and so are the early mornings that we share.

We have so much more than I ever thought we would,
I listen to you more than I ever thought I could.

I promise to give you all I have to give,
I'll even listen to Lynn Bowles for as long as I live.

In your eyes I see our present, our future and past,
By the way you introduce 'It's Showtime' I know we will last.

I hope that one day it will become clear,
How perfect you are when heard through my ear.

Nancy Bellis

If there are any other readers out there who would like to see their work published on a popular website, please feel free to send in your Sarah Kennedy-related material.

26 April 2004

Sarah is away for two weeks
Ms Kennedy is taking a well-deserved rest, visiting the Kentucky Derby. In the meantime, here is a picture of one of her many flowers in memory of her:
Sarah's flowers

23 April 2004

Lessons learned from today's show
  • Unfortunately, Sarah is away for the next two weeks. When Lynn Bowles was asked if she'd miss her, Lynn rudely replied with a no!
  • Fran Godfrey and Alan Deadicoat can both talk Spanish -- unlike John Marshypops.
  • 22 April 2004

    Lessons learned from today's show
    A 'hot tub'
  • Bunty is off to Kentucky for the derby soon. Her itinerary includes 'hot tubs', which she has never experienced before.
  • Sarah hates vultures
  • The Sarah Kennedy Radiator has had to be padlocked to the studio as it often goes walkabout.
  • After Lynn Bowles laughed about Sarah having to get into a 'hot tub', SK called her a 'an old boot'.
  • SK's special word for 'tomorrow is 'tomorringe'.

  • 21 April 2004

    Bowles -- as long as she's okay, to hell with everyone elseLessons learned from today's show
  • Lynn Bowles delights in Sarah being ill. On responding to SK's comment that Lynn is never ill, the traffic reporter said 'it's like a see-saw' -- 'as long as you're ill I'm OK'.
  • 20 April 2004

    Sarah's petticoatLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah tore her petticoat whilst in the studio this morning.
  • SK has never ever played the National Lottery.
  • Poor Miss Kennedy (and Wogan) have hay fever at the moment.
  • 19 April 2004

    Columbo -- just one more thing...Lessons learned from today's show
    Today we learned about Sarah Kennedy's four Cs:
  • Curry -- SK has to have at least one curry a week.
  • Columbo -- Sarah loves Columbo. So much in fact, that Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) hides the TV listings magazine so that she can't read it.
  • Canaricles -- this is Miss K's funny word for the Canary Islands.
  • Cold -- it was very cold in the studio this morning. So cold, that Lynne Bowles's microphone didn't work properly.

  • 16 April 2004

    Lesson learned from today's show
  • SK supports Wycombe Wanderers.

    Would you like Sarah Kennedy to speak at your event? If so, please contact BSB International.
    Guide budget: £2,600-£5,000
  • 15 April 2004

    Dyke -- green, like The HulkLesson learned from today's show
  • If Sarah makes too much noise rustling the newspapers during her Paper Review, she gets told off by over-pernicious BBC bosses.
  • 14 April 2004

    Toby jugs -- come in all sorts of modesSarah Kennedy and the Toby Jug collection
    Sarah does not collect Toby Jugs. In fact, she doesn't even like them!

    Lessons learned from today's show
  • SK is very fond of ducks.
  • McCririck -- loves the dogsMeet Sarah in the flesh!
    Are you free on Saturday 24 April 2004? if so, get down to Walthamstow Stadium. The evening will be attended by John and Jenny McCririck and Sarah Kennedy who are the patrons of 'The Give A Stow Dog A Home' charity.

    The function will be held in the Goodwood lounge and will be hosted by Jonathon Hobbs of the Racing Post. There will be a 14 race card, with a mix of quality graded and open races. There will also be a special parade of over 100 retired greyhounds, organised by Johanna Beumer which will be kindly led by Lord Lipsey (Chairman – British Greyhound Racing Board) and his retired greyhound Zak. A very special attraction this year will be a dressage display in the centre of the track by the well known rider Sheena Grierson and her beautiful horse 'I'm Clever Clogs'.


    13 April 2004

    Buns -- Dearly Beloved loves themLessons learned from today's show
  • Once again, Sarah will housing batchloads of buy-one-get-one-free hot cross buns in her freezer.
  • SK once got stuck in Ely, after filming with Desmond Morris.
  • 8 April 2004

    Hector -- Sarah's ear-chewing catLessons learned from today's show
  • Hector the cat has started chewing Sarah's ear.
  • SK won't be back now until Tuesday.
  • Don't eat too many Easter Eggs!
  • Lessons learned from yesterday's show
  • SK woke up at 1:19am.
  • Dearly Beloved (aka Adrian) organises all the funny names of racehorses.
  • Ms K has an Auntie Joe who is 90 years old.
  • Lynne Bowles has no aunties left.
  • Sarah Kennedy is three-quarters Welsh and a little bit Cornish, with a speck of French nobility thrown in.
  • 6 April 2004

    Morris -- naked apeLessons learned from today's show
  • SK is off to Warwickshire to see her 'old mucker' Desmond Morris.
  • Sarah told the old Paul Young Wine Story again this morning.
  • 5 April 2004

    Sarah Kennedy in her nunnery daysLessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah won a tenner on the Grand National.
  • Hector, SK's silly old cat, pretended to be an alarm clock this morning by waking Sarah at a ridiculous hour.
  • During her convent days, Ms Kennedy used to perform in 'spelling bee' competitions.
  • 2 April 2004

    Fool!April Fool!
    Of course SK doesn't collect Toby jugs ppl! Sorry, but that was my little April Fool.

    Lessons learned from today's show
  • Sarah loves the film Pretty Woman.
  • 1 April 2004

    Sarah and her huge collection Toby jugsLessons learned from today's show
  • Please don't follow Sarah's recent tip on reviving old shoes. She mentioned that the use of cat litter inside a pair of shoes removes the odour. However, as a listener noted, it's no good if you have cats in the house who associate the smell of cat litter with urinary and faecal output.
  • Lynn Bowles was wearing dowdy old tweed again today.
  • SK's sister is a model.
  • Ms K has one of the largest collections of Toby jugs in the UK! (See photo, right).