14 August 2007

SK in The Sun, again!

It's all in The Sun: Fears at R2 Sarah's blunders

What a lot of rot.


Paul Hinckley said...

I know you won't pass this comment for posting, but anyway... When is SK going to face up to the fact that she has a serious problem? Her cringe-making efforts as she slurred her way through Monday's show were unprofessional and embarrassing. Had I turned up for work in that stae I would have been sent home and, more than likely, not invited back.

Anonymous said...

Unprofesional? who the f**k do you think you are. I hate people like you that have to take the moral high ground. I bet your a teetotal looser who applauds the smoking ban in clubs, get a life. Sarah Kennedy doesn't give two flying fU**cks about people like you!

Anonymous said...

Its funny when people get irate and try and make a silly point - when they cant even spell. LOL (Looser???)