10 September 2007

SK back on air

Following pneumonia, Sarah K has made a full recovery and is back on Radio 2, where she belongs.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully she has mad a full recovery... only one thing remains to make you perfect Sarah..... PLEASE don't ever refer to your 'colleagwees' again. It was mildly funny the first time... but after about 5 years of hearing the same deliberate mispronunciation, I just want to scream!!!! Is it too much to hope its gone the same way as the Streptococcus pneumoniae? i.e. gone for ever with a bit of luck...

Anonymous said...

Glad she is back but wish she would stop yabbering on about her recent illness... as ahealth care professional it is the last thing i want to here about beore i go to work!

Anonymous said...

why do you only have anonymous comments on your blog?

Perhaps it is only you who is commenting annoymously?

Sarah can be irritating but she does not deserve your rubbish blog.

oh and I am reserving the right to be annoymous.............and no I am not Sarah Kennedy.

Annoymous.....oh and I see all comments must be approved, well I have a blog and I do not care who comments or what they say, are you scared or something.

You put the crap on, but can you take it??????? I bet you dont let this go on your stupid and rather venomous and evil blog. come on, prove me wrong? ha, too darn scared.

Jane Robinson said...

We are thrilled to be able to tune into Sarah on the internet..Having moved to Canada in September we were missing her early morning humour..Especially on our Monday drives home to the south coast after weekends in London with our grandchildren...We LOVE your show Sarah...Welcome back on air... George and Jane Robinson ...Niagara On The Lake...Ontario..