14 June 2007

SK in The Telegraph

From Mandrake, in The Telegraph:

June's face values

(Terry and) June"June Whitfield, the actress, is 81 years old. Sarah Kennedy, the radio and television personality, is 56.

"Look at her skin compared to mine - there's not a line on it," Sarah told me at the Goring Hotel's summer party, in London, last week.

June says she has no beauty secrets, but has always made it a rule not to sit in the sun. "I wished I had done that, too," said Sarah, glumly."

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Anonymous said...

Sarah's done more of her fair share of skiving work this week, due to a sore throat. She didn't even sound badly. When Janice Long has one, she soldiers through, no matter how week her voice sounds.
Don;t get me wrong, I am a fan of Sarah K, but she has far to many days of sick and I don;t get to listen to her as a result.