11 December 2007

Radio review

Radio review
"Terry Wogan (Radio 2) was in jubilant mood yesterday following the success of Children in Need. He remained jolly even when his studio stopped working just before his show began. "They're having a bit of a tussle in the next-door studio," reported Sarah Kennedy.

Wogan's studio was beyond fixing ("The rubber band's broken," he quipped), so it was decided he should broadcast from Kennedy's. This led her into an extended flummox - "I'd better clear up quickly," she cried, "while Rod's on" - and brought a glorious image of Kennedy clearing her desk of, one imagines, knick-knacks and half-eaten pastries, to the stirring sound of Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

The handover wasn't the slickest, with Kennedy still collecting her things as Wogan tried to start his show. "She carries a lot of equipment," he observed. Once he had the studio to himself, Wogan further described the shambles. "Sarah Kennedy's equipment is covered in mittens," he noted. The news headlines jingle crashed into the middle of 1973 by James Blunt, and rather improved it. Then it was back to happy tales of fund-raising antics. "6Music listeners knitted that Pudsey," said Wogan, referring to a giant, lonely bear left in the abandoned studio."

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