27 November 2006

Still no Aled Jones

Today, Adrian Lester stood in for SK.

Lester - solid and dependable bak-up to SK

With such a poor attendance record, it is unlikely Jones will work for the BBC again.


Anonymous said...

What is your problem with Aled, Debby? You really are sounding obsessed. It has been made clear he is not well, he let the BBC know this week was off in good time, and he sounded pretty croaky still when he did his own programme yesterday. He has fulfilled commitments in the past when not at all well, and if he calls off it is always for a very good reason.

Just lay off him - he's NOT BEEN WELL. And I think you will find that he will be with the BBC for some time yet. Cheers

Anonymous said...

If you listened to Aled's Good Morning Sunday programme, you will have heard that the reason Aled didnt do the programme last week was because he was ill with a "chest infection from hell". I should imagine hes not covering for SK this week, so he can fully get over it.. Aled never lets anyone down unless there is a good reason for it..

Todd Brunel..