20 November 2006

SK's on holiday

Jones boyMiss K is having a well-deserved break.

Someone called Aled Jones* is meant to be standing in, but he couldn't be bothered today, so Goodier stood in.

* He never even sang "We're Walking In The Air". Peter Auty did.


skypilot87uk said...

You say that Aled never sang Walking in the Air, well Im afraid you are wrong there. He reached No5 in the charts with it on the 30th Nov 1985, and the record remained in the charts for 11 weeks. Peter Aulty sang the song in the film "The Snowman", but Aled had the hit with it.

SusieV said...

Hi there,

Aled unfortunately wasn't able to be on Sarah's show yesterday as, from how I understand it, he was obligated to be in a distant city the night before and the travel back in time was not possible, but he does hope to be on air today. Aled is a very dedicated presenter with a very strong work ethic and always strives to do his best, so it certainly wouldn't have been that he could not have been bothered.

Whilst the young Aled didn't sing the song on the soundtrack of 'The Snowman', as you correctly mentioned was attributed to Peter Auty, Aled actually did in fact record 'Walking In The Air' in 1985, which became an award-winning hit for him, where he also had the honour of performing it on 'Top of The Pops' that year. Aled has never claimed to have been the singer on 'The Snowman' film, but unfortunately the credit for the singer was never acknowleged on the original prints of the film, so Peter Auty was unjustly ignored at the time. This acknowledgement for Peter's voice being the one on the soundtrack has finally been added on more recent re-releases of the film on video and I assume, on DVD.

As I recall the story, Aled's gorgeous recording of the song, came about because TOYS R US wanted Peter Auty to sing the song in-store to promote the video. Peter declined the invitation, so Aled, being such a very well-known boy treble, was asked to do the promo for the store, after which he then recorded his hauntingly beautiful rendition of the song, hence 'The Snowman' movie became forever associated with Aled rather than with Peter, who did not ever record the song commercially.

I hope this information helps. :)


SusieV said...

Hi again Debby,

It seems that by Aled's absence again from Sarah's show today, the dreadful cold that he's been battling for about three weeks is still causing him problems...an unenviable illness for a top singer and presenter.

Hopefully he'll be well enough to be in the chair tomorrow morning, or at least as soon as humanly possible.

Susie :)

Peggy B said...

As both Susie and Sky Pilot said Aled had a huge hit with Walking in the Air but has never tried to pretend that he did the soundtrack version.

For Aled not to honour a radio commitment or any other is unheard of so he must be really ill.

There are many people who love his relaxed and highly professional style and we look forward to hearing on Good Morning Sunday as soon as possible.