4 November 2004

Silly people criticise our Sarah

This is from The Guardian...

BBC DJ rapped for criticising Tony Blair
Radio 2 DJ Sarah Kennedy has been censured by BBC bosses for criticising Tony Blair and suggesting Saddam Hussein should kill himself. The presenter, who hosts the early morning weekday show before handing over to Terry Wogan, was criticised in the corporation's quarterly programme complaints bulletin.

Kennedy made the comments about the government on three separate programmes during the summer. Two listeners complained after she was critical about its record on health, transport and Iraq.

In July, another listener complained after the DJ suggested it would be better if Saddam Hussein were to commit suicide rather than face trial.

"The comment, made during the review of the morning papers, was an inappropriate expression of a personal view on a topic of controversy," said the BBC in its ruling. Kennedy's comments on the government broke the corporation's rules on impartiality.

"The head of programmes, Radio 2, discussed the finding with Sarah Kennedy and reminded her of the principles which apply to the treatment of controversial topics. The programme team was instructed to be alert to potentially controversial stories in advance of transmission."

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