23 September 2008

Sarah Kennedy with her boyfriend Adrian McGlynn in London over the weekend


Anonymous said...

Sarah looks terrible in this photo! I'm sorry, but she does! That ars*hole of a boyfriend she is with is obviously taking her for every penny he can get. She looks bloody awful, and looks at least 78 years of age, instead of her 58 years.

Anonymous said...

Why is the BBC staying mum about suspending Sarah this week I have heard nothing to offend anyone but it seems a trustee is stirring things up again..Bring back Sarah

Anonymous said...

Yeah but she lets us all believe that 'Dearly Beloved' is her much loved husband.
Anyway, I think she looks terrible in every photo nowdays.

P.GILKS said...

Sarah Kennedy is by far the best radio presenter because she makes us listeners feel like we are all part of a large loving family.

Mike said...


Why oh why.

You were the best. Miss you already.

Was it the earlier time or, perhaps, Chris Evans - I turn him off.

Please find another avenue.

Regards and appreciation,


Hilltop said...

Sarah Kennedy has finally hung up her headphones and retired to the home for the bewildered.

She was a mixture of dry humour and dry gin though her occasional slurring words could be for reasons out of her control. We all age and eventually time catches up with us.

I wish her well in her retirement and will miss her malapropisms that used to make me smile.

Dave Room said...

I remember Sarah when she was in Singapore in 1975-7, she was with BFBS, I was attatched to The 1st Battalion The Gordon Highlanders. One day she was covering our sports day as a roving reporter, with portable equipment. She was dressed in white hot-pants comlete with bib 'n braces, I also remember a mauve top. Sarah, you were the vision of loveliness. God bless you love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I have listened to your show for years and as a Remeidial Personal Trainer,(like you I am up daily at 4.30am and my last client can be at 8pm hell of a schedule but worth every minute, my passion) you have allowed me to be cheered on a cold winters morning at 6am, when I have been off to pounding the pavements with my early birds! And there you were gone, on holiday, not well (does she need my services?) Nobody seemed to know.

You are a beautiful woman of many talents and sometimes organisations just dont know how lucky they are!

Stay true to yourself and your passions. Have a good rest recharge your batteries , I and your many fans look forward to hearing and or seeing your soon.

In times of difficulty - remember -
"Your Bar of excellence is high and you have a tenacious determination to leap over it!" Enjoy this leap, look forward to the next one and so on it goes!

Take care "special lady"

Anonymous said...

Oh How I miss you in the mornings. Also can't stand shouty infantile Chris Evans and have to switch him off and turn on the T.V. now for the news!