22 August 2006

Another new photo!

SK in lovely sheepskin waistcoat


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Sarah is OK healthwise, as, in my opinion, she looks so frail in this photograph, and indeed in any other recent ones. She looks well over 56 years of age, and I am genuinely concerned for her.
If she is OK, thats all that matters!

Anonymous said...

Sarah looks really fragile and unhappy in these photographs. Is Adrian (AKA Dearly Beloved) treating her properly, or just fritting away her .
I think the majoriwages on his gambling addictionty of us can see that he is a golddigger, and probably trying to wear the poor woman down, he probably never lifts a finger, except to give her a beating!
Sarah, get out of there while you still can! You have my full support.